You don't have to be a Netflix subscriber to watch these free original movies and TV shows

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Bottom line: Netflix has made a selection of its original movies and television shows available to watch for free to users around the globe without having to create a Netflix account. Netflix has previously experimented with free offerings in the past, but it’s usually just a single title here or there. This new promotion should better demonstrate to newcomers what Netflix’s original productions are all about.

The Netflix landing page for the promotion highlights some of what is currently available to check out. Free movies include Murder Mystery, Bird Box and The Two Popes. For series like Stranger Things, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, When They See Us and Love is Blind, you’ll be able to watch only the first episode for free.

A spokesperson told Gadgets 360 that Netflix is testing different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them “a great Netflix experience.”

As outlined on this Netflix help page, Android and computer users can watch for free without creating a Netflix account. The iOS browser is not supported, the page notes. There is also a 30-second ad that plays before each title although you can skip it if you so choose.

Netflix didn’t say how long the promotion would be running for but the company did reserve the right to change the selection on offer from time to time.

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Considering how much you get free when you buy a smart TV that comes with pre-installed channels I see no reason to pay any of the subscription services any money whatsoever. I’ve never bought Netflix and I never bought Amazon prime and I never will.


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Been subbed to Netflix since 2012 and watched it grow massively in terms of original content and none original content.