You may have to wait for Windows 10

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Jul 2, 2015
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  1. [parsehtml]<p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p>We&#39;re less than a month away from the much heralded release of Windows 10. With the <a href="">update available for free</a> to anybody who already has Windows 7 or 8 the new OS is set to become a huge part of the PC world overnight. Well, maybe not quite overnight.</p> <p>As it turns out, while the release for Windows 10 is set for July 29th, not everybody will be able to upgrade their systems on that date. Microsoft <a href="">explains</a> in a blog post that the July 29th date is actually the beginning of a rollout of the new operating system. Members of the Windows Insider program, who have been testing Windows 10 and already have a version of it on their computers, will get access to the final release first. After that, customers who have made a reservation online will begin to get access. If you haven&#39;t already done that, you can do so<a href=""> here</a>. Microsoft has not stated how long they expect this rollout to take, or how many people will have access to the update at any one time.</p> <p>On the plus side, once you are given access to the update your computer will begin to download Windows 10 automatically and it will inform you once the download is complete and your computer is ready to begin the installation. This way customers won&#39;t have to wait any longer than necessary.</p> <p>While this will frustrate some people who were looking forward to jumping in on day one, it will prevent Microsoft&#39;s systems from being overloaded with requests they likely would not have been able to handle all at once anyway. People not being able to download Windows 10 due to server crashes would have been equally, if not more, upset.</p><p><a rel='alternate' href='' target='_blank'>Permalink to story.</a></p><p class='permalink'><a rel='alternate' href=''></a></p>[/parsehtml]
  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,017   +659

    Happy to wait a month, as long as I can get ISO version for clean installs on 4 machines.
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  3. OCD types, and there are millions of them, want MS to wave a magic wand and upgrade
    everyone in the blink of an eye.

    It doesn't work like that ...
  4. No reason to rush. Take your time, change the icons, make an interface that looks like you've at least tried to polish, release a compelling product. Please Microsoft, just return to the old style of releasing Windows. No more rushed products just to get revenue.
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  5. Seventh Reign

    Seventh Reign TS Booster Posts: 131   +65

    What kind of sick twisted demented insane bat-**** crazy stupid person would try to install a new "Microsoft" Operating system on Day 1?????????

    That would literally be the #1 all-time dumbest thing anyone has ever done in the entire history of the Universe. Nothing else even comes even the slightest bit close.
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  6. Silverizawa

    Silverizawa TS Rookie

    Dont forget mobile version of this windows series, need much to be update (compatibility etc..)
  7. Sniped_Ash

    Sniped_Ash TS Maniac Posts: 253   +108

    All I care about is when (or if) they're going to patch SBS 2008 so it can communicate with Windows 10 machines via WMI like they did with Windows 8. I can't fully test it in our environment until then.

    If they do have fixes available already, my Google-fu has failed to find them.
  8. Ummmmmm... no comment >< :p
  9. Victor38077

    Victor38077 TS Rookie Posts: 23

    I am actually worried now. I have been testing Windows 10 since build 9841. Build 10159 is very buggy. I cannot even activate it.
  10. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 3,339   +1,986

    Hurry up and wait ..... now where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, in the chow line about an hour before the other guys started shooting at us!
  11. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,811   +472

    Yes me neither
  12. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,037

    Works fine on all my machines. I have had success with one laptop and three desktops now.
  13. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,811   +472

    I'm getting a prompt to login to access Windows Insider. It gets me to enter a Windows Live login which I do. It then asks for my "old password" again which is rejected. Looks like it wants to configure a PIN but can't get past that point.
  14. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,811   +472

    How about that... started the VM again today and now it's activated. Oh well... ignore me :p
  15. Squid Surprise

    Squid Surprise TS Evangelist Posts: 1,572   +714

    Someone who has been using the beta for weeks or months and already knows that what they're getting is superior to any other Windows OS they can get?

    The stupidest thing ever, in my opinion, is making crazy blanket statements without a shred of evidence or even a reason as to why it's true...
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  16. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,037

    Glad it started to behave for you ;)
  17. misor

    misor TS Evangelist Posts: 1,283   +242

    me? ;)
    once upon a time in my life, on the day of windows 7 release, I bought it from Microsoft store. due to my slow download speed (courtesy of my Philippine ISP), I finally installed it 7 days later.
  18. Whack Tack

    Whack Tack TS Rookie

    Still is not clear why is Windows 10 better than Windows 7 that we have now.
  19. DanielR

    DanielR TS Rookie

    I am actually testing Windows since the year 1998... I am worried too... ;)
  20. Whack Tack

    Whack Tack TS Rookie

    So now we are back in time when finished Windows installation is a success?
  21. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,037

    Windows 8 was better than 7 if you knew how to install something like Classic Shell.
  22. When you search for files on your windows 10 machine, does it send your search query to microsoft hq or google hq? or?
  23. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,662   +1,096

    it won't take a month. it's most likely a week or 2.
  24. Whack Tack

    Whack Tack TS Rookie

    Windows upgrade will be a total disaster like in all previous versions.
    only clean install will be a success!
  25. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    You've made 3 posts in this thread, none of which were any good. You are starting off on the wrong foot and you aren't clever enough to be a good troll. Make better posts or find another forum to trash up.

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