Your 5.1 speakers could be 7.1 without you even knowing it

By Gordon9999
Jul 17, 2010
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  1. Hi all. I have come across something interesting while trying to get 2 of my speakers working. I have the 5.1 logitch which comes with 4 speakers and 1 sub.

    For the longest time I had my sound card and my motherboard "realtek" settings on 5.1. I became upset after awhile because I could not get two of the speakers working which were the side speakers. The main front speakers and sub worked fine though. After some long searching I found out that the two speakers that didnt work are actually "REAR" speakers. Which means I had to set my settings to 7.1 even though I have a 5.1 system. I set it to 7.1 and long behold the two back speakers worked! I bet a lot of people have this problem so I wanted to share the solution. If you have the same problem with the back speakers not working it is likely because they are "rear speakers" and you are actually missing the 5.1 side speakers. Which is very anoying. I set it to 7.1 and I disabled the "side speakers" because aparently i dont have them.... If anyone can clarify why logitch would give you 5.1 setup with speakers from a 7.1 that would be cool... Maybe theirs a way to set your "rear speakers" to your "side speakers" then I could switch my settings back to 5.1.

  2. nismo91

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    well, you can try to plug the cable into other jack (so it's recognized as side), or use the connector retasking feature.

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