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"Your computer is infected! Windows has detected spyware infection."

By Bigfatgoalie ยท 9 replies
Dec 31, 2006
  1. Ok, I know this has been on here before but i seriously need help with it.

    Im getting the "Your computer is infected! Windows has detected spyware infection." message from a white 'X' in a red circle in my tray and it says click on it to get protection, its obviously the virus / malware itself that is causing this message but I cant get rid of it.

    Previous forums said it was Spyaxe, but I tried the uninstallers from spyaxe to get rid of it but that didnt work. I also tried Smitrem and have run Adaware SE (which seems to feeze when it gets to the system32/dllcache part of the scan????????) and it wont cure it.

    I think some rogue programs such as ann.exe and winstall.exe have come from this malware (if this helps!!?) but I have tried everything to get rid of it and it just wont go!

    Oh I also had a prob getting to safe mode, when i select it from start up (i.e. after pessing F8) a blace screen with a list of dll files comes up and then it freezes and wont boot up. I have to turn off power and restart to normal mode to get rid of it!!! dont know if this is anything to do with it??

    ANY help at all will be so gratefully received.

    Cheers guys.
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,679

  3. Bigfatgoalie

    Bigfatgoalie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 56

    Thanks for your help but im not at all sure what:

    "Post fresh HJT and AVG Antispyware logs as ATTACHMENTS into a new thread in the Security and the Web forum, only after doing the above."


  4. SherlockComm

    SherlockComm TS Rookie

    Okay. Ask yourself one question, but read those other things first. Its got good information.

    How long have you had the computers operating system up?

    I always reformat my computer every 6 months to one year because with windows it usually helps to rid malware and any trojans or things like that that stick to your executables. I would tell you to take a week to mull over any pertinent information stored on your computer and either reformat yourself, or bring it to a local computer store and they can reformat everything for you. Its about 50 bucks for a reformat and you loose your PC for 3 days or so. Its rather easy.

    If that cant be done because you have lots of information i suggest you get ZoneAlarm. (can be found here) Its a very customisable firewall utility and it can really prevent any more malware and such from attacking your PC. Read over the aformentioned articles and perhaps ask a technician at a local place before you reformat or do anything else.
  5. Bigfatgoalie

    Bigfatgoalie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 56

    I have found that once I stop the ann.exe process from running the red X and the pop goeS away, but comes back when I restart, so I guess i need to stop it all the time??
  6. SherlockComm

    SherlockComm TS Rookie

    Yes. You either have to go into your program files and delete it, or you have to reformat.
  7. knack

    knack TS Rookie

    Valid FIX from Windows

    Latest update of fix was released February 2008

    This is the Trojan virus that was doing this on my system - Win32/Renos.gen!k



    It wipes the repetitious and irritating, "Your computer is infected! Windows has detected spyware infection" message, and the red x.

  8. banza

    banza TS Rookie

    shazaaaammmm....Knackadoshus!!! u r the healing guru. thanx for being born a genius. (maybe i went a lil over). that page was VERY useful.
  9. mgustafson5

    mgustafson5 TS Rookie


    Super-dooper job Knack, you truly have a "knack" for this stuff
  10. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,419   +77

    General rule I discovered by trial and error at work. If your system is infected by something that re-appears after apparently being 'cleaned', you have no way to run cleaner software properly because it is imposssible to boot in an uninfected state, and these rather pernicious infections prevent cleaner programs from running (or dodge the cleaner).

    In these circumstances, you need a cleaner that will run in a Dos-like mode, such as ComboFix. To actually put your PC into this Dos-like mode, but uninfected, is simple if you have a Windows install CD to boot from. Boot into the recovery console. Obviously, a CD cannot be infected.
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