Your Favorite Games and Why


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Hi All

This Post is out of curiosity and I would likely be looking for a new game once I finish my current library. So tell me some of your favorite games and why(doesn't have to be current, it could be older)

I'll start off with mine being the Dragon Age series. Bioware has outdone themselves with this series in my honest opinion with the Lore and Story of this game, I have honestly never been so interested and immersed in a game in my life, from the first Origins game(where the story line was amazing, but gameplay was lackluster) to Inquisition where everything was just great and I couldn't really think of complaints. Each one of the 3 series follows up on the previous and has some returning characters each time. The gameplay of the first was very bad, but the story was amazing, the second one was the opposite and the third was a blend taking the best from both and mixing them both into one. So the gameplay and graphics are great for the game, but the selling factor of inquisition is a story line that rivals some of the best-written books with lore and the fictional world making sense.


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I generally stick to multiplayer games in which case my favorite games of all time? Starcraft 2 and CSGO (ive probably sunk about 2,000 hours into each). Mainly I love the competitive nature of those games, Plus I played the originals growing up. My most favorite single player game as of late has been the new release of DOOM.
My current top 3 games are 7 days to die, DayZ, and Player Unknown Battle Grounds. 7 days is a fun survival sandbox game, I love building my own base from scratch. DayZ is not the best game but I love the graphics and running around looking at the views. Also PUBG is good because its fast pace and is a new experience everytime.
I really enjoyed terraria which surprised me. most people dont seem to give it a try because of the old pixel art style but it has great progression and depth. I also enjoy ark and project cars a lot, gives some nice variety. Oh and plants vs Zombies! most online shooters I get frustrated at when people who play way too much smoke you time and again but I never get that rage with PvZ. Its fun and zany and doesnt take itself too seriously.


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World of Warcraft would probably have to be my all time favorite even though I dont play anymore that game took a massive part in my life for years
current favorite game im playing would have to be H1Z1, know people will post "pubg is better" but thats personal opinion H1Z1 just has faster play style I like
My favorite game series by far has to be Etrian Odyssey. I love the fact that you practically have to draw your own map and I enjoy the beautiful environments in the game (Not graphically as they are DS games but design wise they are gorgeous in my eyes), the challenge they offer is also pretty good. Etrian Odyssey IV is what introduced me to the series, and after playing the previous games I can see that the improvements made were QoL improvements that made each game less clunky while still being challenging and having an awesome soundtrack.

As for PC games I have a special place in my heart for Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 and C&C Generals, as they were the games that introduced me to PC gaming. From time to time I still play them; either doing self challenges or replaying the campaigns and was thrilled when origin was giving away RA2 for free, cause my disk of the game was so scratched from use.


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The topic posts a very big question and having been gaming since the 1980s on PC, C64 and Amiga 500, each platform would yield it's own huge list of games I loved at one time or another.

Especially the PC list is huge because PCs constantly change. Unlike consoles, they don't really have defined generations. Instead I've played many different games, or different generations of games, from my 10Mhz 8088 XT to my Q9550@3.4Ghz I'm still using today.

If I look after time, there are a few main genres that really define my gaming experience and within those I have my favs:

1. Wasteland/Fallout 1+2/Fallout 3+New Vegas/Fallout 4

I loved the original Wasteland, played countless hours of during 1990/1991(..?) Multiple play throughs. I loved the Fallout 1+2 reboots. I got into Fallout 3 in a big way, I absolutely loved Fallout 3 despite its many flaws. I also very much enjoyed New Vegas though, personally, I liked the desolate, grim Capital Wasteland even more. And I absolutely loved Fallout 4 and still play it today. (Just got started on Far Harbour). While I could write a book about the things I believe they stuffed up in Fallout 4, I can still look back at hundreds of hours of very enjoyable game time so it possibly can't be SO bad as some sites/channels make it out to be.

2. Flightsims

I'm a huge flight sim fan, having flown all the MicroProse classics such as F-19 Stealth Fighter and F-117 Nighthawk, F-15 Strike Eagle II + III, Gunship and Gunship 2000 and F-14 Fleet Defender. Also loved the Janes games, such as F-15 Strike Eagle, Apache Longbow series, etc. Being a big fan of the F-16, I've flown every iteration of the Falcon series and spend the last 19 years with Falcon 4.0. (Though admittedly, BMS 4.33.3 is a long, long way away from the original Falcon 4.0 release from 1998!). Falcon 4 BMS is what I play more than anything else these days. While BMS at full realism (is there any other mode?) is at times frustratingly complicated, a well flown sortie is just an incredibly rewarding experience. And things get even better online in multiplayer.

3. FPS

I've also loved a good shooter, from the early days of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom onwards. In later years, I particularly enjoyed the Battlefield series ... Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. Played many hundreds of hours online in BF3 in various squads or clans. However, I never really cared too much for Battlefield 4, partially because it just won't run well on my old PC, but also because it doesn't have that same kind of gameplay I enjoyed from BF3. I think I would enjoy BF1 very much if I could run it but I still hop onto one of the few remaining BF3 servers for a nice slug fest from time to time.


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I used to love:
Diablo 2, WoW, C&C: Red Alert 2, Guild Wars 1, CS:S

Now I love:
Guild Wars 2, CS:S, Skyrim

Also I have the usual issue of a late-20s married guy - too little time for games and too little money to put into decent computer!! argh!

If I had time and money/hardware I would play:
PUBG, Rise of the Tomb Raider, BF1, GTA V, Diablo 3, and I would give WoW a second try out of sentiment


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Marvel vs. Capcom 2

I love it because, for someone like me who grew up playing arcade games a lot, this is by far the best game I enjoyed. There's a lot of characters to choose and the graphics are classic. Too bad it has been years since the last time I was able to play this, good thing there's Tekken series.

Pokemon (Core Series)

I was able to follow every single version and it is the reason why I bought Gameboy Color, Advance SP, DS Lite, and 3DS. The gameplay may be repetitive but I just can't quit it. It eventually became my source of happiness and it is the game that I know the most. Also, it helped me with understanding my Statistics class.


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I personally have many favourite games too many to list really but ones that come to mind are all the COD franchise, Crysis, Sniper (FPS version not TPS version), and Borderlands.

Although my most all time favourite game would have to be RAGE. I wish they would make RAGE 2 and complete the game where it left off in the first one. I love playing this game the most and I have played it over and over and over again. I guess it's the apocalyptic end of the world type scenario I like the most. I guess deep down I am a sci-fi nut and love things like this and games like this tend to make me wonder if one day we as human beings will end up like this.

Silent Hunter III (submarine simulator) was my all time favourite for many many years until RAGE took first place.

When I started out in the (1990's) I had lots of trouble playing FPS games in the early years like DOOM, Wolfenstein etc as I would get terribly sick from motion sickness. So back in those early days I couldn't play them for very long. So in those days my time was spent playing SWOTL (Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe).

Fast forward to the Call of Duty era. My first Call of Duty game was Modern Warfare at first I would get terribly sick from motion sickness but it wasn't long after this that I realised I could change the display settings. Once I changed the display settings to the native resolution of my monitor the motion sickness wasn't as bad and eventually I got of it. However due to other commitments these days I haven't played any games in a very long time. So I may end up getting motion sickness again until I can adjust to it once again. I do hope to start playing again soon though as I miss those days and the fun I use to have from playing my games.

I'd be interested in hearing from other people who suffer from motion sickness and how you manged to overcome it?

Well that's my little story.


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TS Special Forces
I'm pretty surprised Witcher 3 still hasn't been listed here. I'd probably say this is my all time favorite game which says a lot for me since I've been playing pretty hardcore since the Atari 2600. I also thoroughly enjoyed Mirror's Edge even though it didn't get the best reviews. The Final Fantasy series is my all time favorite series (can't say Witcher since I didn't really like 1 and 2). Skyrim was pretty addictive for me after I made it past the first couple of hours (I was the same way with Dragon Age - first hour was rough). The Zelda series is also one of my favs.


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I think I'll give that honor to Ultima VII: The Black Gate.

That game opened my eyes to how amazingly transportive games can be more than any game I played before or since. (Is that a word? transportive?) Looking back on that experience I can say that I probably spent WAY too much time dragging powder kegs into Castle Britannia's nursery to blow up the babies. Don't worry, I didn't grow up to wear lady skin. I think I was just amazing that you could do it, lol.

Ryan Stevens

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Devil May Cry it's my favorite game because in this game have different and also awesome action and also story can't explain about this game its really awesome game.


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Kings Quest 6 and the original Alone in the dark on PC. Both required minimal system requirments, had excellent graphics and enticing storylines.


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FF 7, 8,11, borderlands 2, fishing planet, shadow of mordor, skyrim, viking battle for askgard. f1 series, need for speed shift series Battlefield 3, 1, hardlines.
Pokemon ruby and Emerald on the gameboy advanced they were the first games to have pokemon contest and the battle frontier saga was also fun.

Rishabh Bansal

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I do like Shooting games a lot. Max Payne, Made Man, PubG
and I have completed: GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, NFS Most Wanted, God of War!!
My favorite game nowadays is PUBG it is battle royale category multiplayer game with different maps and levels, I've been playing it since it's release, it's available on smartphones too.