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By seren100
Apr 14, 2014
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  1. I recently finished some of my games in my pc. Tomb Raider and Batman Arkham City (I know I'm late playing and finishing these games just now lol). Now moving to mobile gaming. Gonna go for Kingdom of Legend in my Android phone. A fresh start for me since I'm not really into strategy and war games but this game really got my attention. I love PvP :)

    What games are you going next? Do you switch consoles or stick with just one?
  2. TiddlyWinks

    TiddlyWinks TS Rookie

    I have only one console (PS4) and a gaming PC, I switch between both but I do have a preference for the PS4, simply because it's more streamlined as a gaming platform. hoping to pick up Watch Dogs this week, I've been itching for an immersive open world game since I sold GTA V with my PS3 and this looks to fit the bill!

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