YouTube claims victory in the battle with television

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Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently proclaimed YouTube victorious in the battle against traditional television – if such a battle ever even existed. During a recent presentation to advertisers, the chairman said Internet video has already displaced television watching and...

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What sets it apart from TV for me is the fact that I can watch youtube on my mobile phone. If I was google I would sign a deal with the NBA to stream games.
I have always said "It should be the goal of any company to innovate itself out of the business they are in". Obviously, this would require creating new products which would replace the revenue of the obsolete product.

But, when was the last time TV evolved. It is long overdue. We need to take a hard look at this. I think Youtube and Netflix are the new CBS/NBC/ABC.

Why aren't all TV shows and Movies over 10 years old available online? Not for free but don't don't tv studios and movie studios let the public access them. How much revenue does Giligan's Island generate today?
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They have a point. I visit youtube almost everyday, I haven't watched tv since New Year's.
I'm basically the same way. I only watch TV when really, I'm out of options for passing time. Even then I'm very limited in terms of what's available, based on how much money I'd be willing to spend.


Just been on youtube, seen dancing cats, skateboarding accidents and film trailers. Now I'm off to watch tv:)


So Youtube has defeated television, except in the graphic on this post the top three things are shows made by TV networks. Where's their content, and by content I don't mean 5 billion videos made by random people on their computers. They have no "Breaking Bad", they have no "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", in other words they have no original, ground breaking scripted programs. Netflix has a couple original series, except one of them is actually a remake of an old tv show (House of Cards), haven't watched Hemlock Grove yet, so can't comment on that, but these services exist off the back of content created by tv networks, music labels, etc...

Netflix, Youtube, etc... have a LONG road ahead of them until they can declare victory over things like the television industry. Youtube "defeating" television can only be declared when tv is literally gone and there are no more networks. You like Community? How about Game of Thrones? Dexter? Big Bang Theory? All made by tv networks. I'll watch stuff like that any day before I sit around watching random home made videos on Youtube. Youtube is certainly a great service but they haven't defeated anything.


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Give me some decent content and no I don't mean some ***** putting themselves or others in hospital or telling me how their day went and I may look at youtube for more than tv and movie trailers

Yes youtube may have more views and advertising hits but I wont sit and watch it for a hour straight, with add breaks, tv I will.


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Yes youtube may have more views and advertising hits but I wont sit and watch it for a hour straight, with add breaks, tv I will.
Keep in mind an "ad hit", doesn't amount to a "product sale.(*) In fact, I still don't insure anything with Progressive, no matter how often they inflict "Flo" on me. In fact, every time they do, I become less and less likely inclined to do so.

(*) Although I'm sure a Google ad salesman would tell you the opposite.

Is it really possible to fabricate a battle with someone or thing, not invite the other party, and then claim victory???:confused: Ah, I guess that's why they pay Schmidt the big bucks.

All I know is, if I were going to attend one of his press release parties, I'd wear hip boots, a raincoat, and safety glasses. "Walk softly and carry a big shovel", that's my motto...;)