Youtube problem, Wont Load/Buffer Video at 4/5 minutes intervals


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4 weeks ago I had to email a ton of complaints to broadband supplier (sky) for giving my aweful speeds, they finally answered and gave me great speeds for standard line (10mb/s Download)

However a week after, I noticed that Youtube Videos will stop loading completely! it happens frequently after 4 or 5 minute point, sometimes shorter or longer. This is a real annoyance as I use the site for a lot of things, my close friend said he had no such problems, (Virgin Broadband)

However my other close friend has been experiencing the same problem, he is also with Sky Broadband. This will happen on ALL Browsers that I have tried. I will have no other problem with any other site other than Youtube.

Me and my friend only have one factor I could possibly think would affect us, and that is Kaspersky 6.0 workstation AV, other my other friend on Virgin also has this. I am more than willing to blame and complain once again to Sky, but I have no actual proof so it's an empty threat for them?

Any of you care to enlighten? Thanks in advance!