Z-4000s / Z-5400s or custom separates?

By gamingguy27
Mar 28, 2007
  1. Hello,

    I love music, (and games) and I'm going to buy a new set of speakers to complete the feel of my pc.

    I have a X-Fi Xtreme Music soundcard, which cant really make use of my current speakers.

    I have two options (I would like surrond sound),

    1. Buy a head unit and buy a nice sub and tweeters.


    2. Buy a system like the Logictech Z-5400, or Z-5500s, I mean I would prefer to spend less than more...

    Also, If i buy a nice set like the Z-5500s then that has its own encoding. Does this make my soundcard redundant?

    Any advice, or decent speakers you've heard of would be useful.

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