Z11 case fan connections


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Does anyone know how to connect the fans? The fans have 4 large pin connectors but I have no clue where they go.

thanks for any advice you can give me



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Like those (molex)? Your PSU should have those. Unless new PSU's don't anymore, I've been out of the loop for a few years. If that is the case, there are some adapters that will go from the fan pin outs on the motherboard to those.


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@verity25 Keep in mind, should you decide to use the molex type connectors, your fans will always be running at 100%.

Oncer uppon a time, we had both floppy (3 1/2", and optical (5 1/4") drive bays on the front panel of our cases. These could have been employed as spaces for fan controllers. No such luck nowadays.

Here's a typical modern PSU:

Note that under the "specs" tab, it does have provisions for molex connectors. These are listed as, "peripheral",

This page explains the difference between 3 & 4 pin (small) fan connectors on the motherboard: