Zact launches incredibly flexible, no-contract wireless plans


TS Evangelist
We’ve seen a number of companies attempting to shake up the wireless industry in recent months, from startups like Republic Wireless to established carriers like T-Mobile. This week a new player is throwing its hat on the ring with what’s...

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TS Rookie
I just switched to Ting, doing at least the first portion already. The only difference is that you can bring any Android device already and they should get Apple and Windows phones as well. My bill for 2 phones is now going to be in the upper 30s or lower 40s versus the $113 I was paying with Verizon. I guess if you don't use wireless the speed matters, but I'm on wireless all the time. Sprint has coverage where I live, no problems with calls so far. Also, for $80 a month saved I can live with Sprint's crappy network.


TS Booster
Was interested until I saw the partner with Sprint. Currently struggling with Sprint's nonexistent 4g LTE network and 300kbps 3G speeds. Can't wait until this contract expires.