Zero Day Exploit

By TBolt
Dec 10, 2008
  1. Greetings folks,
    This thread is not a report of any of my PC's being infected by the current 0-day exploit/threat but more of some needed clarifications of suggested mitigation options.


    Doing some quick research, it seems the best workaround (until MS provides a security update) is to enable DEP. However, if I remember right, DEP came as part of Xp's SP2 (and I'm assuming SP3) but it had four options:

    "OptIn" which I believe is the default setting
    "AlwaysOn" and

    Just by the sound of it, "AlwaysOff" probably is not the option to choose as a workaround. That being said, of the remaining three which is the best to use while still having full functionality of a particular system and/or websurfing? Also, what exactly would that zero day exploit do if one were to be infected?
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