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Jul 31, 2006
  1. Hi i uninstalled Zone Alarm via the control panel - big mistake. Been reading up on internet on problem but cant seem 2 get it back installed no matter what i try. Zone alarm has always been gr8 to use but now i cant reinstall back on my system because the zdd.dll file if missing or sumthin :( drivin me insane, any help would b appreciated
  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    Copy and paste the following into Notepad

    rd /s /q C:\"Program Files"\"Z Labs"
    rd /s /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\zlabs
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsconfig.xml
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsdata.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsdatant.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsinit.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsmonapi.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vspubapi.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsregexp.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsutil.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vswmi.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsxml.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\zlcomm.dll
    del /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\zlcommdb.dll

    Then save it as zfix.cmd,and run it.

    You should be able to install ZA after that.
  3. Dom_Jones

    Dom_Jones TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Aw i thought u was onto something then but unfortunately it doesnt work :(
    I run the program then try to reinstall ZA and get the following message:

    Setup is unable to log into the TruVector service.
    Install cannot continue without logging into the TrueVector service.

    Please use the service manager to shut down the TrueVector service and the restart the installer program.

    Any help would be appreciated. Ive read loads of posts on problem but still cant seem to get mine to reinstall. Ive even tried goin into my admin tools & services to see if truevector is listed but its not on my list so im really lost at min :(
  4. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    Have you tried running that cmd file in safe mode ?

    The file that is causing the problem is probably vsmon.exe(Truvector)

    If you can delete that,that might fix it.Try Killbox

    Also,go into msconfig start up and make sure vsmon.exe is unchecked.
  5. Dom_Jones

    Dom_Jones TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ill give it a try in safe mode, thanks for helping out, if i cant get it to work can u recommend another strong firewall to use?
  6. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    Kerio is good.Some people like Sygate(not me)
  7. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    You should not attempt to uninstall Zonealarm from safe mode.

    For uninstallation problems, see HERE.

    Regards Howard :)
  8. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    I think he`s already uninstalled ZA in the normal way.

    The problem is he didn`t exit the program before uninstalling.

    That`s why vsmon.exe is still hanging around.Safe mode seems the logical solution.

    That cmd file is based on the page you linked.
  9. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Thanks for the info mate.

    Regards Howard :)
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