CoMa X is an answering machine, voice & fax on demand system, send and receive faxes, terminal with internal send & receive z-modem.

Sending and Reciving Fax:
  • CoMa X is a tool that will help you handlefax, modems which support only fax-class 1(e.g. miniVigor, new internal modems, ...)
  • PDF-, PICT- and FaxSTF-files can be load and send
  • Internal editor with text-attributes and placeholders for serial-faxes
  • Text can be mixed with graphic-logos and signatures
  • Pages are displayed exactly as there are send
  • Incoming pages are displayed during fax-reception !!
  • Fax-polling (send poll-request only with class 2.0 and some class 2-modems)
  • Serial fax
  • Network-able Fax-Job-management (Client-Server-operation)
  • Support for the Elsa MicroLink Office & USR 56k (Pro)Message(Plus) modem Self-Mode(read fax and voice & configuration)

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