A Program launcher, mega search engine, auto text inserter & desktop toolbar - all in one!
Work Smart! Assign hotkeys & keywords to files, folders, programs, & websites. Instantly perform searches on the Internet using multiple search engines, specify websites to search using keywords, insert text or play music instantly using hotkeys! Create hotkey access to common computer commands such as logging off, shut down or volume control.

Launch-n-Go is a smart, reliable quick launch toolbar that can be used for fast access to almost anything on your computer or Internet. It even allows you to perform searches using variables. For e.g., assign a keyword (ebay) & a variable to perform a search on ebay. Then by typing 'ebay;software' in the toolbar conveniently located at the bottom right of your screen, instantly get the results displayed to you.

Operating System requirement: WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003