• Free & open source (GNU General Public License).
  • A keyboard, joystick, and mouse remapper.
  • A word recognition engine that expands abbreviations as you type them (auto-replace).
  • A simple yet powerful hotkey (shortcut key) scripting language for Windows, supporting both mouse and keyboard macros (if you're new to scripting, it might be easier than you think; check out the quick-start tutorial).
  • A regular scripting language (backward compatible with most existing AutoIt2 scripts). The program includes a script compiler that converts a script to an EXE. It also includes AutoScriptWriter, a macro recorder written by Larry Keys.

What's New:

  • Fixed crashing when an empty SafeArray is enumerated.
  • Fixed height to not auto-expand for Button/Checkbox/Radio with -Wrap.
  • Fixed WM_DESTROY bypassing release of objects in global/static vars.
  • Fixed WinMenuSelectItem second-attempt matching to handle & correctly. Specifically, items with actual text like "a && b" which appear as "a & b" will now match "a & b" instead of "a b".
  • Fixed breakpoint on Case/Default line breaking at end of previous case.
  • Changed SoundBeep to ignore duration if negative, instead of wrapping around to a large positive value.
  • Fixed mouse hotkeys with ! to mask Alt-up after key-repeat if possible.
  • Fixed several issues with overlapping hotkeys.
  • Key-up hotkeys firing incorrectly because they were paired with a hotkey with overlapping but different requirements, such as <^a up firing for RCtrl+A because it was paired with ^a; or *^c up firing for Shift+C because it was paired with *+c, and both can fire for Ctrl+Shift+C.
  • Unpredictable prioritization of hotkeys with the same modifiers but different L/R variants, or different modifiers when neither one is a perfect subset of the other. Priority was affected by order of definition to a degree but shifted unpredictably when hotkeys were added or removed.