VisualCron is a task scheduler for Windows that works like cron on linux/unix. The main functionality is to execute programs/files at a given time or interval. It has an easy-to-use interface with a lot of features and functionality. It creates statistics like executing time, etc. It is also able to log events and print the tasklist.


  • no programming or scripting skills are needed
  • built-in Tasks for all needs which lets you automate everything in one application
  • intuitive interface for designing Jobs and Tasks
  • automate tedious and repetitive Tasks
  • eliminate human errors
  • handle, react and notify on system problems, data error etc.

What's New:

  • [Feature] Client: Various improvements to UI of Notifications and Flows
  • [Bugfix] Client/Server: Fixed a permissions problem
  • [Bugfix] Server: Fixed an issue in the Archive - compress Task
  • [Bugfix] Server: Fixed a problem with Oracle DirectMode and "License error"
  • [Bugfix] Server: Fixed a problem with Excel Create Task and using Variables as input (could result in no file creation)
  • [Bugfix] Server: Fixed a problem with Set Variable Task (XML error) when containing "forbidden" characters like &
  • [Bugfix] Client: Fixed a wrong message when exporting all settings