VisualCron is a task scheduler for Windows that works like Cron on Linux/Unix. The main functionality is to execute programs/files at a given time or interval. It has an easy-to-use interface with a lot of features and functionality. It creates statistics like executing time, etc. It is also able to log events and print the task list.


No programming skills

You do not have to have a programming background to learn and create Tasks with VisualCron.

Easy to use interface

Drag, click and create. The interface is consistent and easy to learn.

Tasks for everything

100+ custom Tasks for different technologies.

Customer driven development

We base our development on feature requests from our customers.

Extended logging

Audit, Task, Job and output logs will give help debugging.

Flow and error handling

React and control flow based on error type and output.

Programming interface

Interact with VisualCron on a programming level by using our API

A price tag for everyone

VisualCron is very affordable to purchase and maintain - instant ROI.

What's New

  • [Feature] Client/Server: New Report Task to automate any of the existing reports (VCP-142)
  • [Feature] WebClient: Added Web service Task to web client (VCP-39)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: Create/Set-cell Excel Task->Added new cell type Formula (VCP-179)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: AMQP Connection->Certificate authentication mode was added (VCP-149)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: Triggers->New PowerShell Trigger was added (VCP-53)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: Triggers->New .NET code execute Trigger was added (VCP-55)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: Triggers->New Variable Trigger was added (VCP-157)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: Health->Default Health conditions updated to include both VC and OS CPU (VCP-125)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: Robot Task->Added Outlook application awareness (VCP-116)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: Variables->Added folder path Variabels (VCP-259)
  • [Feature] Client/Server: SFTP->Implemented better auto detect of encryption algorithms (VCP-260,VCP-270)
  • [Bugfix] WebClient: Updated version of jQuery for security (VCP-61)
  • [Bugfix] WebClient: Fixed issue with Popup Task (VCP-175)
  • [Bugfix] Server: WebAPI->Fixed background checking for expired user tokens (VCP-184)
  • [Bugfix] Client: Create/Set-cell Excel Task->Fixed renumbering of columns when items are deleted (VCP-177)
  • [Bugfix] Client: NullReferenceException on Server Health window (VCP-229)
  • [Bugfix] Client/Server: ExecuteScript task defaults to ScriptText (VCP-238)
  • [Bugfix] Client/Server: Desktop Trigger->Fixed various issues (VCP-163)
  • [Bugfix] Client/Server: Robot Task->Fixed various issues (VCP-43,VCP-112,VCP-150,VCP-151)
  • [Bugfix] Client/Server: Robot Task->Added error handling (VCP-113)
  • [Bugfix] Client/Server: Google Drive->Fixed upload issue (VCP-48)
  • [Bugfix] Client/Server: Exchange EWS refresh Token for Email tasks (VCP-249)
  • [Bugfix] Server: Cloud File Trigger error when updating statistics (VCP-222)
  • [Bugfix] Server: Box file download issue (VCP-277)
  • [Bugfix] Server: List folders Task->Fixed issue exception throwed using some wildcards (VCP-148)
  • [Bugfix] Server: Jobs->Fixed issue with file getting larged because of statistics stored (VCP-83)
  • [Bugfix] Client: Scan document Task->Fixed admin permission requirements issue (VCP-275)
  • [Bugfix] Client: Web macro Task->Fixed admin permission requirements issue (VCP-283)
  • [Bugfix] Client: Main grid->Fixed progress update issue (VCP-285)
  • [Bugfix] Server: HTTP Rest Trigger status code evaluation (VCP-289)
  • [Bugfix] Server: Database copy->SqlCeCommand timeout error (VCP-287)