Central Brain Identifier is designed to provide detailed identification and obtaining the most complete information about all AMD processors. It recognizes more than 50 various models of the AMD processors.


· Complete and precise identification of the AMD processors.
· P-rating calculation and OPN determination.
· The real-time CPU frequency, voltage and temperature monitoring.
· An entering the processor the low power state of Stop Grant.
· On the fly FID transition for mobile AMD processors.
· Performance state tables searching and decoding.
· DRAM timing configuration of a huge number of chipsets.
· An ability to change the feature bits of the processor.
· Quick CPU name string modification.
· FSB/DRAM frequency control for the nForce2 chipset on the fly.
· An advanced tuning of VIA V-Link bus speed parameters.
· An enhanced set of tweaks to optimize the performance of DRAM with the nForce2 chipset.