AcidSpider is fun to learn and hard to put down. AcidSpider's depth unfolds
with more play, making it engaging and addictive. Games ranked by difficulty
level keeps beginners moving, and challenges the most advanced players. A
game in progress can easily be interrupted and resumed at any time, allowing
play time to be snuck in to any busy schedule.

The included visual guide, daily tips, and Sparkle Hints will make anybody a
pro in no time - even those who never before thought they would enjoy a card

a.. Learn from the helpful step by step demo
b.. Use Sparkle Hints to get you out of a jam
c.. Select your difficulty level
d.. Enjoy EZ Play. A fun and addicting way to play using shortcut keys or
mouse scroll wheel
e.. Select your background or add your own
f.. Track entertaining statistics
g.. Celebrate your winning streaks with fireworks and inspiring Acid Tips
The challenge is honest. Every game is winnable! Over 100,000 winnable
games, ranked by difficulty. Although every game is winnable, they may not
be easy. Try to keep your win percentage at 100%