It simply logs all applications that you start on your own PC, the titles of their windows, all your keystrokes, and more.

How can it help you? Imagine you are writing a long e-mail message. Then you click a wrong button or your e-mail client hangs and you have to write the same text from scratch. Sound familiar? With Free Keylogger King you will never lose any of your text, whether it was typed in an e-mail client, a text editor, a text field of an on-line form or anywhere else. Simply open King's log. You will find all your text right there.

In addition to keystrokes, Free Keylogger King also logs some application specific information as well. For example, it logs all the URLs you visit with your Web browser. It also logs the captions (titles) of all windows that you open. This allows you to easily find texts that you typed in specific applications or on specific Web pages.