Media Investigator will analyse all your memory card plus your hard drives and USB drives to recover all major digital image photos and movies along with several other file types like doc, xls, ppt, mdb, pdf, zip, etc. Scan as many of your drives as you want for free! See previews of your files before recovering for free. Recovery from US$19.95.

Save your scan results to be resumed at a later time. The latest version is even easier to use and has improved memory management allowing tens of thousands of files to be recovered in a single scan. Media Investigator now supports High Definition, Blu-Ray, Open Office file types and has improved Microsoft Office file type support. You can now also preview your photos and movies before recovering.


  • There's no Spyware, no Adware.
  • Free updates for minor version changes esure you are always able to recover as many files as possible. An active broadband internet connection is required for Media Investigator to automatically update itself.
  • Works with the most popular file systems (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) recovering all major formats of photos, movies, files and data.
  • It's so easy to use that you'll have your lost files back in just a few simple steps. (To see how easy, click Easy As...)
  • Analyse as many memory cards, hard drives, CDs or DVDs as you want for free. Use the file recovery tool to analyse all of your drives and cards to find your files and pictures before you pay anything. Whether you analyse one hard drive or ten memory cards, the cost is the same - absolutely nothing!
  • Choose how much you want to pay to recover your files & photos ! With Media Investigator, you can buy a single-recovery licence which allows you to recover your pictures, movies and other lost files for a fraction of a normal licence.