Discover a new dimension in photography with Polycam, the top-rated 3D capture app for Android. Ideal for architects, artists, designers, contractors, photographers, and anyone who wants to capture the world in a new way, Polycam offers innovative technology and advanced editing tools to bring your creativity to life. Polycam's colorization engine is optimized to generate the highest quality color 3D scans in the least amount of time. Single room captures take only seconds to process, and all computation happens securely on your device – no internet connection is required. There is no limit to the number of scans you can make or process.

Polycam 3D captures are also dimensionally accurate, enabling you to easily measure the distance between any two points. Measurements are generally accurate down to about one inch, or a couple centimeters.

Pro users can export their scans in a variety of popular 3D model formats such as OBJ, USDZ, GLTF and STL to enable easy importing into your favorite 3D model viewer or editor.

We are excited to see what you create with Polycam. If you share something online, tag us on twitter @PolycamAI to let us know what you've captured.


Revolutionary 3D capture

  • Transform photos into 3D models with advanced photogrammetry
  • Scan complex objects & scenes with intricate details
  • Generate ready-to-use 3D assets for any computer graphics application
  • Runs smoothly on any Android device with 2GB+ RAM

Advanced editing tools

  • Crop your 3D captures for the perfect composition
  • Rotate to view from any angle
  • Rescale to adjust the size of your 3D models

Export 3D models with Polycam Pro

  • Export mesh data in .obj, .dae, .fbx, .stl, & .gltf
  • Export color point cloud data in .dxf, .ply, .las, .xyz, & .pts
  • Export blueprints as .png images or .dae files

Connect and Share

  • Share 3D models with friends & colleagues with ease
  • Join the Polycam community & discover captures from around the world
  • Showcase your 3D scanning skills & creativity by sharing with the community

What's New

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes