Create stunning, unlimited covers for your ebook, software box with two or three sides, CD and DVD. Edit pictures using eCover Engineer's build in image editor or download FREE ecovers and templates.

- Real-time 3D Editing and Rendering
- High image quality
- Ability to import BMP, JPG, GIF and other file formats
- Ability to resize the width, height and depth of the eCover
- Ability to rotate, roll and resize the eCover
- Camera rotation / movement. Users can rotate the camera along its X, Y and Z axis relative to the center of the eCover
- Light source rotation / movement. Now users can rotate the camera along its X, Y and Z axis relative to the center of the eCover
- Shadow effect
- Ability to specify floor's texture and background color
- Ability to show / hide the shadow and the light source
- Ability to specify the light color, which will affect the look of the eCover
- Ability to show the X, Y, Z axes, which helps to a better positioning of the light source and camera
- Easily save and open eCovers and templates using buttons and the menu. The templates are files that save only the settings of the eCovers (box, camera and light source position, light color etc)
- Easily send by email the saved eCovers, templates and output images
- boxes and ebooks can be rotated with mouse (camera rotation)
- added Distance scroll bar to Camera position
- added Refresh button to Image window
- eCover Engineer anounces you if a new eCover or Template pack was added to the Free eCover and Templates page at
-many settings to ebooks like: ebook rear shape,interior spine color
- CD & DVD cover support
- many settings for them like angle and distance to background
- Multi language support
and many more...