PureFTPd Manager 1.6 bundles pure-ftpd 1.0.21 (for Mac 10.3 and above)

Server Status

* Displays your server public IP address so it's more easy for you to give it to your friends
* Splits upload and download bandwidth usage

Server Logs

* Date & Time are now properly adjusted to your time zone
* The transfer graphical view handles uploads and downloads separately
* Logs can be converted periodically to HTML or CSV files
* Filenames are correctly decoded

User Manager

* If you use PureDB (most likely scenario) you can activate / deactivate user account in a single-click
* Minor Virtual folder browser improvements


* The logging preferences pane has been improved to let you configure the periodical log conversion process with ease
* Anonymous base directory can be modified from the Anonymous preference pane


* The uninstaller can now automatically remove the ftp anonymous user and the system user and group (usually ftpvirtual and ftpgroup) your virtual users are mapped to.

What's New:

User Interface
* Previous releases of PureFTPd Manager (1.6.x) lost the ability to save window size and position along with toolbar customization. This release fixes this bug.
* New gradient window background and unified toolbar look (for Mac OS 10.4).

User Manager / Anonymous Preference Pane
* Virtual Folders list was not refreshed when a virtual user's home directory was changed.

Logging Preference Pane / HTML Statistics generation
* Bug fix for monthly totals calculation.

Server Option Preference Pane
* You can now define your recursion levels limit in response to ls and ls -R commands.

* More French localization fix... still no French documentation.