WS_FTP Home Features:

- Interface
WS_FTP Home has an XP looking Graphical User Interface. The Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Connection Bar, Connection Pane and Information Window are also XP looking and very easy to maneuver. The folder view icons can be set on a per user basis allowing for individual preference. Users have the ability to customize the GUI view under Tool Bar to add or remove features for increased flexibility. All icons/artwork/symbols throughout the entire product are windows like allowing for ease of feature enablement.

- Thumbnail view
Makes it easier for you to identify, edit, and share image files.

- Hot Drop
Transfer files and folders without launching WS_FTP Home by simply dragging and dropping files into a HotDrop folder you create and WS_FTP Home instantly uploads your file. There's no limit to the amount of HotDrops you can create.

- Drag-n-drop
Simplifies and speeds up your file transfer tasks by allowing you to drag files from FTP sites to your desktop, folders, and even applications.

- Browser URL Integration
Accelerates your downloads by automatically starting WS_FTP Home when you click on an FTP URL in your web browser.

- Auto Reconnect
Automatically remembers your settings and reloads them the next time you start WS_FTP Home. With ease, you can now connect to your most recently visited FTP Site, open the folder most recently used, and keep the most recent view.

- Auto Retry
Allows you to define the number of automatic retries for failed downloads to increase your chance of a successful transfer.

- Auto Resume
Automatically resumes interrupted or failed transfers in case of involuntary termination, such as with broken connections, computer crashes, and power outages. Once WS_FTP Home is restarted, it automatically reconnects and completes the interrupted transfer.

- Active Edit
Edit files on ftp sites using your favorite software. By associating certain file types with an application, the file can be opened and edited in that application. For example: .HTML files can be opened and edited in Microsoft® Front Page when selected; .JPG,.GIF, .BMP, can be opened and edited in Adobe® Photoshop when selected; etc.

- Once the file is edited, you have the option to save it on the ftp site or specify when the changed file should be uploaded or even deleted. With Active Edit, you'll no longer need to constantly re-upload files every time you make an edit.

- Dial-up Manager
Once you start an FTP connection, WS_FTP Home automatically dials up to connect to the Internet. Once you close WS_FTP Home, the dial-up session is automatically terminated as well. You no longer need to wait for a large file download so you can terminate you dial-up session, or even shutdown your computer.

What's New:

Highlights include:

- User requested features, such as tab customization, Skins,
easy 'Favorite Sites' additions, improved thumbnails, folder
locking and folder linking.

- Better customization with more local and remote site
options and display features.

- Ability to import site profiles from other FTP clients,
such as WS_FTP LE and others.