FileZilla is a small but powerful FTP client with many features. it includes a site manager to store all your connection details and logins as well as an Explorer style interface that shows the local and remote folders and can be customized independently.

The program offers support for firewalls and proxy connections as well as SSL and Kerberos GSS security.

Additional features include keep alive, auto ascii/binary transfer and more. A nice program for beginners and advanced user alike.


  • Ability to resume Uploads/Downloads (if the server supports it)
  • Custom Commands
  • Site Manager with folders
  • Keep Alive system
  • Timeout detectiEnter your state hereon
  • Firewall support
  • SOCKS4/5 and HTTP1.1 Proxy support
  • SSL secured connections
  • SFTP support
  • Upload/Download Queue
  • Drag&Drop
  • Multi-language support
  • GSS authentication and encryption using Kerberos

You can download the Filezilla source code here.

What's New

New features:

  • Comparative search can now also be used if sorted by path

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed an issue in comparative search in directories with uppercase letters
  • Fixed refresh of directory trees when filters changing
  • Updated to libfilezilla 0.42.2
  • MSW: Fixed icon sizing issue on high DPI scale factors
  • All official FileZilla binares now link against wxWidgets 3.2.1
  • Fixed a potential crash when closing FileZilla
  • macOS: Fixed tree control scroll position not following the foucsed item
  • macOS: Fixed an issue preventing translations into some languages to be loaded
  • Fixed a crash if main menu events arrive while a dialog is already open
  • macOS: Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts
  • macOS: Fix selected item count in file list status bars
  • macOS: Fixed graphical corruption in some controls