PDF2Office converts PDF documents into fully editable Microsoft® Word, RTF, AppleWorks, HTML and other files recreating the original construction and layout of the document.

PDF2Office forms paragraphs; applies styles; regroups independent graphics elements; extracts images; creates tables; processes headers/footers; endnotes/footnotes and columns/sections, all automatically - without any intervention.
PDF2Office will integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word X/2004, allowing you to directly open PDF documents within Microsoft Word.

PDF2Office provides options for converting a range of pages in a PDF document into popular word processing formats as well as image types such as JPEG, Photoshop, PNG and TIFF. Furthermore, it offers the capability to extract images from specific pages within a PDF document.

PDF2Office takes a PDF document and performs the following processing -

1. Forms Paragraphs and applies indentations (justification is set to left or center)
2. Applies text styles and retains font information (or font mapping is performed)
3. Constructs Page properties such as Margins and Page breaks where appropriate
4. Interpolates Columns and Section breaks
5. Matches Headers and Footers where possible
6. Forms Endnotes/Footnotes
7. Identifies and Creates Tables
8. Regroups intersecting and overlapping Graphics
9. Processes all images (except JBIG format) and re-groups intersecting sliced images


* Convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word, RTF, AppleWorks and other common files
Convert PDF documents into fully editable Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, RTF, AppleWorks, Unicode, Text and HTML files. PDF2Office intelligently builds paragraphs, sections, columns, creates tables and regroups independent graphics to fully recreate the layout of the original file.
* Create PowerPoint slideshows instantly
Create slideshows instantly by simply converting PDF files to PowerPoint files. Recover and re-use data in existing PDF files in your PowerPoint documents.
* Open PDF documents directly within Microsoft Office Products
PDF2Office integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office product family allowing you to directly open PDF documents within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint Designer and FrontPage
* Click Open
Right/Control click on a PDF document on the desktop and have it open in Microsoft Word.
* Convert PDF documents to graphics files*1
Convert each PDF page as a JPEG, PICT, TIFF or other image file, and specify compression and resolution settings.
* Simple
Simply drag and drop to convert files using PDF2Office's easy-to-use all-in-one interface.
* Quick
PDF2Office will convert the PDF file within seconds.
* Extract
Extract text, images and/or other data from specific pages.
* Quick Preview
Quickly view the text/native pages of a PDF document.
* Multilanguage/Asian Language Support
Supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Western European-language data contained in PDF documents.
* Batch Convert
Convert multiple files with one click.
* Password Protected PDF files
Convert or Open password-protected PDF documents.
* Log Your Work
* Automatically create a log of all files converted.

What's New:

* Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard support: PDF2Office Professional is fully compliant with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
* Integration with Microsoft Word 2008: PDF2Office has been enhanced to provide seamless integration with Microsoft Word 2008. Additionally, you can customize the behavior of the PDF2Office plug-in for Word.
* PDF2Office Desktop Server: PDF2Office is now based on a client-server architecture. PDF2Office Desktop Server performs the conversions, insulating PDF2Office and Microsoft Word from the conversion process.
* Universal Binary: PDF2Office Professional v4.0 is a universal binary. Converting PDF files to any format executes natively on Macintosh computers equipped with either the Intel or PowerPC processor.
* Additional Processing Types: When converting PDF files to Word or RTF formats, you can now convert each page in a PDF file as an image and convert PDF files that are static forms into formatted documents for easy form entry by typing inside a text box that overlays the form image.
* Convert PDF documents to Web Page format: A new Convert to Web Page format Conversion Kind has been added. The PDF-to-HTML conversion engine has also been completely overhauled to provide more precise control over the conversion result.
* Enhanced Font Substitution: The Font Substitution mechanism has been enhanced so that each font that could not be matched can be substituted with a specific font.
* Image Specification and Resolution DPI settings: You can now specify the image conversion type when converting a PDF file to Word, PowerPoint, RTF or HTML format. Additionally, you can specify the resolution of images being converted.
* Enhanced Retain Layout conversion: The Retain Layout conversion has been significantly enhanced to offer even more exact layout retention. Text box/text frame generation has been dramatically reduced, and tables are also formed during Retain Layout conversion.
* PDF Reconstruction v4 engine: PDF2Office Professional 4.0 includes the latest PDF Reconstruction v4.1 engine. The v4.1 engine includes a completely new PDF data processing technology, which improves the reliability of the conversion. This results in enhanced paragraph formation, table recognition, column generation, graphics processing and complex layout arrangement. Limited clipping path support has been introduced for lines and rectangles.
* Enhanced Performance and Conversion Speed: Conversions are now up to 70% faster and utilize less memory then before