Turbo Photo is a solution for all the digital camera owners, it is consist of two parts: Turbo Photo Album and Turbo Photo Editor. Most of the touch up works and management tasks can be easily done with simple operations. Moreover, the powerful functions can bring you more enjoyment and help you create great artwork.

What's New:

- [Turbo Photo Editor] Add 'Automatical processing' into 'What's wrong' wizard.
- [Turbo Photo Editor] Improve quality of white balance.
- [Turbo Photo Editor] Add 'Auto white balance' function.
- [Turbo Photo Editor] Add support to 'My documents', 'My photos' ... into open file dialog.
- [Turbo Photo Album] Add 'Compact typeset' function.
- [Fixed] Bugs of call Turbo Photo from Recomposit.
- [Fixed] Bug of internal copy and paste.