Import your favorite newsfeeds using the OPML format. Most newsreaders support the export of newsfeeds via OPML, making it very easy to switch to RSSOwl and have your bookmarked favorites inside RSSOwl.

Bookmark your favorite newsfeeds in nested categories. Set properties like "autoupdateinterval", "open on startup" or "reload on startup". RSSOwl helps you finding a suitable title for your favorites. Just click the "Grab title from newsfeed" button and RSSOwl will scan the newsfeed for the title and use it for the new favorite.

Import Blogrolls into RSSOwl. A Blogroll is a file that contains newsfeeds. Popular services like Bloglines allow to manage and share Blogrolls. Synchronize the list of Newsfeeds in RSSOwl.

Switch on the internal browser to read news that contain HTML. Some newsfeeds use this kind of technique to include images and links.

Select a newsfeed, a single news or an entire category of newsfeeds to export the content into one of the formats PDF, RTF or HTML. When exporting news into PDF, RSSOwl will create bookmarks showing the titles of all news. These are very helpfull when searching for a particular news inside the PDF document.

RSSOwl's internal panels are highly customizable. Choose between a 2column and a 3column layout. Hide and restore the tree containing all favorites and the quickview box. Maximize the tabfolder with a single click in order to view a website inside the internal browser with full size.

A lot of searchoptions make RSSOwl a powerful application to search inside a newsfeed or an entire category. The boolean operators "and", "or" and "not" may be combined with the searchterm. Common options to only match a whole word, regard case*sensitivity or to use regular expressions are allowed. Results are displayed in the tabfolder and each keyword is highlighted inside the newstext.

What's New:


  • Windows: RSSOwl is now disabling JavaScript in the embedded Browser when displaying the contents of a news. As soon as the Browser is navigating to a real website, JavaScript is being enabled again (based on your Internet Explorer settings ). This change is protecting RSSOwl from malicious JavaScript coming from a Feed so we highly recommend to update to the latest RSSOwl.
  • Several improvements to how Links to Feeds are handled from outside the application
    • Windows: #1551921 Support Firefox 2.0 way of subscribing to Feeds
      • The new Firefox 2.0 offers a very cool way of subscribing to feeds. Everytime you either open a Feed in Firefox or its auto*discovery is detecting a Feed on a Website you are just visiting, you are able to directly subscribe to it with your default newsreader. Just select "RSSOwl" from the provided list of Newsreaders (or add it, if its not yet present) and from now on everytime you see an interesting Feed, its only 1 click to add it to RSSOwl.
      • Note: In case you are already subscribed to the selected Feed, RSSOwl will automatically show the content of the Feed, rather then opening the subscription*dialog again.
    • Windows: The "url" argument of the rssowl.exe is no longer supported. Instead, simply add the url at any position from the commandline. RSSOwl will then either open the "New Favorite" dialog if the feed is not yet subscribed, or show the contents otherwise.
    • Better handling of the Feed*Protocol
      • Instead of opening the "New Favorite" Dialog, RSSOwl will now show the contents of the Feed in case it was already subscribed when opening a Link that makes use of the Feed*Protocol.
  • Windows: The embedded browser is fully supporting the new Internet Explorer 7
  • Now showing HandCursor in case mouse is hovering over the readstateicon in the NewsTable indicating that the icon is actually clickable to toggle readstate
  • Updated SWT to 3.2.1
    • Linux: Various Browser*related bugfixes (support for https, render visited links)
  • Removed the dependancy to org.eclipse.ui.forms. On Linux, the big dependancy to the Eclipse Platform is therefor no longer required.
  • Note: AmphetaRate was disabled because the service is no longer online. My apologies to all existing users.


  • Improved menustructure of the NewsfeedMenu, including PopupMenu on NewsTable
  • Fixed all wrong usages of cascadingstyle for noncascading menus
  • Sort*Indicator in NewsTable showed into wrong direction for ascending / descending
  • Fixed leaking Clipboard instances
  • Fixed Feed*Search no longer returning all results
  • #1583770 Read/Unread*Status not saved on system shutdown State of News that are marked read is now persisted at a certain interval while the application is running (same as preferences). This should finally fix the issue where this information got lost on an unclean shutdown.
  • #1545673 UTF8 feed's ChannelTitle field In case the encodingattribute was surrounded by single quotes, it was not respected when asking the feed for its title from the FavoritesDialog.
  • #1580613 New favourite always uses proxy to resolve title
  • #1555970 Make the default keymap depend on the host OS
  • #1557635 Livejournal Blogrolls / OPML*Import did not work