CDS brings the power of a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use search engine right to your PC and allows you instantly to search files, e-mails, and email attachments stored anywhere on your PC hard drive. It executes sub-second searching of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDFs, and all popular music, picture and video formats. CDS also searches your browser history, favorites, and contacts.

New and updated files and new e-mails are indexed the instant they arrive on your hard drive.
Keeping the index “fresh” is a key factor in any search experience, and CDS maintains the freshest search index in the industry. With Copernic's patent-pending “Instant Indexing™” technology, new and updated files are indexed the instant they are saved to disk (Windows XP/2000/NT only), and e-mails are indexed the instant they arrive (Outlook only). You can't get fresher than that!

Fault-tolerant technology ensures that your PC is searchable at all times.
CDS features an exclusive fault-tolerant desktop search index. This means that if, during the course of the year, your search index has grown to 50,000 documents, you won't wake up one morning and find that your entire index has been corrupted, or has crashed, forcing you to restart the whole indexing process from scratch. With Copernic's patent pending fault-tolerant technology, your entire PC will always be searchable whenever you want it to be.

Utilizes CPU, memory, and disk space efficiently to ensure continued high levels of system performance.
CDS was designed to be the world's lightest and most efficient desktop search with respect to CPU utilization. Copernic's exclusive patent pending “Smart Indexing™” technology monitors user activity and indexes only during idle time, assuring that CDS will never slow down your computer.

What's New:

Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora email search

* Indexing of emails, attachments and contacts from Thunderbird 1.0 or later
* Indexing of emails and attachments from Eudora 5.0 or later

Smart indexing of network drives

* Full support for indexing network folders
* Intelligent detection of network connection availability

Improved metadata indexing for pictures, music and videos

* Search within JPEG picture comments (using EXIF metadata)
* Search iTunes songs by artist, album, etc.
* Metadata indexing for QuickTime movies and OGG audio files

New information pane listing additional categories with matching results

* One-click access to related results from other categories
* Display of match count per category

Buttons to instantly seek to highlighted search terms

* New word-find buttons allowing to jump from one keyword occurrence to the other within document previews

Previewing of found pictures, music, videos and contacts

* Filmstrip viewing mode for pictures
* Embedded player for audio and video files
* New preview pane for contacts

Improved usability

* Added "Print" and "Delete" contextual commands for Outlook emails
* New filter to narrow picture searches by size (small, medium, large)
* Improved option tab for managing custom file extensions to index
* Customizable colors for search term highlighting
* Numerous user interface improvements (redesigned preview panes, redesigned Web search toolbar, new keyboard shortcuts, etc)

API for adding custom file indexers

* New COM API allowing third-party developers to create plug-ins enabling new file type indexing


Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
For real-time file monitoring: Windows XP/2000/NT
To index email/contacts: Outlook Express 5.x/6.x, Outlook 2000/XP/2003, Windows Address Book, Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 or later