Nisus Writer Express is a writing and editing tool that is engineered lean, focused, and fast... at a price even a student can afford. Nisus Writer Express exploits OS X to the full, and it will continue to grow with the power of Mac OS X. Completely rewritten in Cocoa so it blends seamlessly with the OS X environment.


  • Award winning interface
  • RTF and .doc support
  • Multilingual (BiDi) text support
  • Easy to use style system
  • Built-in tables
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Powerful find and replace
  • Non-contiguous selection
  • Bullets and numbering
  • LinkBack support
  • Sections and Columns

What's New:

  • Addressed several bugs that could cause crashes:
    • Fixed: deleting pages, directly or indirectly (eg: by deleting page breaks), can cause crash if last visible page needed to be removed during redraw.
    • Fixed: tables: possible crash when importing/pasting content with certain configurations of nested tables (eg: from Safari).
    • Fixed: possible crash when inserting text near the end of a text area that uses the "Display as Capitalized" case changing attribute.
    • Changed: attempt to prevent to prevent possible Page View crash on OSX 10.6 when typing.
  • Fixed: lists: should be able to set list starting number for a single paragraph in the document text, ie: override starting list number enforced by styles.
  • Fixed: deleting some text should persist the formatting of that text in the typing attributes, eg: text typed just afterwards should have the same attributes.
  • Added: palettes: holding down the Command key when clicking a palette stepper's up/down arrows will restore the old behavior, where the first shown value is applied uniformly to the entire selection, instead of adjusting all selected values independently.
  • Fixed: palettes: using a palette stepper's down arrow should affect all selected values, even if the first selected value is at zero.