Using DriveWizard, an entire hard drive can be cloned. If the original hard drive has bootable volumes, then the volumes in the backup drive are also bootable.

It is also possible to copy the data of one or more volumes to another hard drive.


* DriveWizard is a simple and efficient backup application. DriveWizard provides three features namely Mirror, Upgrade and Restore.
a. Mirror :
* Mirror is a feature which can be used to clone an entire hard drive. Each byte of data, settings in original hard drive is copied to the backup hard drive.
* The volume(s) in the Backup hard drive created using Mirror will be
* of same size as in original drive.

b. Upgrade
* Using Upgrade feature of DriveWizard, users can easily copy the data of an entire hard drive or the data of selected volume(s).

* If Upgrade is done to a larger hard drive, the volume is expanded in the backup drive proportionately. Same way, if the backup drive is smaller, then the volume(s) size is reduced.

* This is the difference between Upgrade and Mirror. While Mirror does not resize the volume(s), Upgrade process resizes the volume(s) if the backup drive size is different from the original drive.

c. Restore
* If users want to copy the data of a volume to another volume in the same or different hard drive, then Restore option is useful.

What's New:

* Supported for Case-sensitive Journaled, Case-sensitive Partitions
* Universal Binary.