You can create a desktop for various workspaces that you define to help you organize your personal workflow.

Create a desktop for your email. Create another for your image editing and organization. Create yet another for web-browsing.

With Mac OS X, you can multitask like never before. You can run several applications at once and have multiple windows open at the same time very easily.

But when it comes to trying to find something specific, sorting through all of those open applications and windows can become time consuming and frustrating at best.
Because You Control: Desktops is based on You Control menu utility, your desktops are available in the Mac OS X menu bar.

Navigating between desktops won't add more clutter to your desktop.You can customize how you interact with your custom menu as well. You Control: Desktops allows you to:

• Simply click on an icon to switch to a different
• Use "Palette" mode to drag and drop apps & windows between desktops
• Set customized hot-keys to switch desktops
• Assign different background images to your desktops
• Easily consolidate all applications and windows to a single desktop
• Drag applications and windows between desktops
• Assign an application to a specific desktop
• Automatically change desktops when you switch applications


· Create as many virtual desktops as you want
· Set different background pictures for each desktop
· Allow each desktop to have its own set of files and folders
· Ability to bring all desktop items to a single desktop
· Choose from Palette View or Menu View
· Group windows by application
· Customize the size of the desktop thumbnail in the menu
· Eight different transitions to choose from
· Customize the transition duration
· Assign hot keys to switch between desktops
· Drag windows from one desktop to another
· Display the desktop name when switching so you always know where you are
· Integrate with You Control or use it as a stand-alone application.

What's New:

· New: Option for setting a delay with mouse edge switching on the Transitions tab.
· New: Option for setting the position of the cursor after edge switching on the Transitions tab.
· New: Option for setting highlight color of the active desktop in the menu bar on the Desktops tab.
· New: Added a "Flip" transition effect to the list of transition choices.
· Fixes for compatibility with Leopard.
· Fixed bug that could prevent the ability to specify which desktops should be displayed in the menu bar.
· Mouse edge-switching behavior now ignores corners so they can be used for corner activation (such as for screensavers and Expose).
· Mouse edge-switching behavior now moves the mouse to the center of the main screen after switching.
· Desktop hot keys can now be set and seen from the Palette View.
· Positions of Desktop Items should now be properly preserved between restarts.
· Fixed a bug that could cause the application to unexpectedly quit during demo mode.
· Cleaned up configuration application interface.
· Added preferences pane with options for additional menu items and option to control launching on startup.
· Updated default settings to help initial users.
· Removed extraneous "Menus..." menu item.
· Menu Bar Right positioning should work correctly again.
· Assorted minor bug fixes.