Kaleido Flash 1.2

Create dynamic-by-mouse-move Flash kaleidoscope with one digital photo


Quick Facts

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4.2 MB
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How to make your photo be miracle, try Kaleido Flash! You do not need a specialized camera lens, Kaleido Flash will make your digital photos have dynamic kaleidoscopic effects. Moreover, the effect is changing with the moving of the mouse. That should be a great gift for you friends.


1. One picture with several mouse clicks to create a Flash kaleidoscope;
2. Setting the size of Flash kaleidoscope;
3. Various shapes of kaleidoscope;
4. Save as Flash file format;
5. Can be imported to Flash Mixer in safe mode;
6. Flash 8 technology

What's New:
1. Add a startup wizard;.
2. Improved skin for languages;.