AnyDVD is capable of removing unwanted movie features, including subtitles and prohibition messages such as copyright and FBI warnings. It also allows you to launch an external application whenever you insert or remove a disc, or prevent 'PC-friendly' software from automatically launching when you insert a video DVD.

Decryption is not all that AnyDVD offers. You can control the drive speed of your DVD drive, allowing you to reduce the noise level when watching movies on your PC. You can even adjust the display frequency of your monitor for both NTSC and PAL displays.

But AnyDVD doesn't just stop at DVDs. It also decrypts protected audio CDs to allow you to copy them.


  • Works as a driver automatically in the background
  • Removes encryption (CSS) and region code (RPC) from DVDs
  • Removes analogue copy protection (Macrovision)
  • Removes prohibited user operations like forced subtitles and other limitations
  • Decrypts WITHOUT having to save the data onto the hard disk
  • Decrypts "on the fly"
  • Prevents launch of software from your Video DVDs (e.g., PC-Friendly)
  • Allows setting of your vertical refresh rate depending on the video material
  • Allows execution of programs on disc insertion and removal
  • Allows speed control of your DVD drives
  • Works with all DVDs
  • Works with all DVD-drives, no matter what region code it has
  • Works with every DVD copying and player software (e.g. CloneDVD)
  • Works transparently for the operating system: DVDs can be shared over the network, they can be copied with the command prompt or with Windows Explorer, etc.
  • Proven to be stable and fast, does not need an ASPI driver
  • New Feature AnyCDDA: play, copy and rip protected Audio CDs!

What's New:

  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
  • New (Blu-ray): Ability to watch discs on a PC which only show a black screen without AnyDVD
  • A known disc with this problem is the French version of "Les Desmoiselles de Rochefort"
  • New (Blu-ray): Added warning to the status window, if a disc will not play on a PC without AnyDVD running
  • New (Blu-ray): Added workaround for authoring bug of some discs, e.g. "All is Lost", Canada
  • New (DVD): Support for new discs
  • Updated languages

Alternatively you can download the latest stable version of this software.