DeadAIM is the award winning AIM enhancer.

It has been featured on the popular Tech TV show Screensavers as Megan's download of the day (here) on more than one occasion. Recently DeadAIM was a featured AIM add-on distributed on a PC magazine cover CD.

DeadAIM has the following features:

- Customisation Rename the screen names on your buddy list.
- Customisable buddy list.
- Tabbed instant message windows.
- Window transparency effects.

- Logging Logging of conversations.
- Logging of chatrooms.
- Logging of events (e.g. sign on/off).
- Logging of images and sounds.
- Log search ability.

- Other Ability to talk while set away.
- Ability to run multiple AIMs (cloning).
- MSN style popup notifications.

By selecting what parts of your buddy list are shown you can remove the clutter that does nothing but take up space on your screen. Here are some examples.

The tabbed instant message window feature groups your message windows into one easy to use interface. Standard Windows key shortcuts can be used to switch between chats. Here's a screen shot of it in use.

Ever had an important conversation with someone and wish you had saved it? With DeadAIM all your conversations are automatically logged for you so that you can read them later. This is of course optional. Images and sounds that are inserted into a direct connection session are also logged for you.

As well as logging conversations DeadAIM can log when people on your buddy list sign on/off or set themselves away/back.

The DeadAIM log manager is used to view your conversations at a later date and to display the event logs for users.

DeadAIM allows you to sign onto more than one screen name at the same time. Simply choose the "Clone AIM..." option from the My AIM menu and another copy of AIM will start for you.

Finally, MSN style popups appear on your screen to alert you when your friends come online. These are configurable for different events including sign on/off and away/back.