Outpost Firewall Pro, provides a superior arsenal of defense against PC infiltration by denying unauthorized access by remote hackers and protecting against data theft, denial*of*service attacks, privacy violation, Trojan horses, spyware and more. Four major criteria define Outpost Firewall Pro: security, control, privacy and ease of use.


* Detects and blocks all intrusions by hackers
* Blocks data theft attempts
* Operates your computer into stealth mode, making it invisible to intruders
* Analyzes your inbox and Quarantines Internet worms and viruses


* Monitors network activity of your PC
* Protects your children from illegal, inappropriate web sites
* Provides full access to a thorough history of your connections


* Prevents data leak from your PC
* Averts invasions of your privacy through the Internet
* Conceals your surfing habits when browsing the Web

__Ease of Use__

* Runs under all Windows systems on any Internet connection with any applications;
* Auto-configures for your best protection during installation;
* Updates information frequently through a custom utility, to ensure your protection against new attacks.

__What's New:__

* Windows 8 support

__Note:__ Please remember that this is just a beta version and may contain bugs. Agnitum is not responsible for any problems occurring on your PC as a result of your using this software.