From Preproduction through Production to Post Production, Gorilla contains everything the filmmaker or videomaker needs to make a movie. Let's start with your character list.

Input them all into Gorilla and start attaching possible actors to the characters, complete with photos. Then work on your Crew list. When you are done with that you need to break down the script. Then schedule your shoot days, set call-times, enter your props, and wardrobe and special effects. When you are done you can print out reports and call sheets.

Ready for your budget? Enter the Budgeting module and start entering numbers. When you are done Scheduling and Budgeting your project, move on to figuring out how much money you are going to make using the Distribution of Profits module.

Gorilla also has a complete calendar and datebook to enter your location scouts, rehearsal schedules with your actors, and other meetings.

When you are ready for post, you can enter all your scene notes in the Editing/Scene Notes module. And when you are ready to submit to film festivals, enter the Film Festival module to view and enter hundreds of festivals all over the world. Well, it might not be "everything" but is sure is a hell of a lot!


  • Full screenplay import from Final Draft 7 and Movie Magic Screenwriter
  • Improved Scene Call Sheets
  • Import QuickTime movies and attach them to your Editing module
  • Add notes to each detail line item in your budget
  • Separate production into phases
  • Auto break stripboard
  • Budget Comparisons
  • Multiple Stripboard Scenarios/Board Swap
  • In-Kind (Donations) support for Budgets
  • International Date Support
  • International Currency Support
  • Swap breakdown sheet boxes
  • Art Department Tracking
  • Create your own budget templates
  • Import globals into budgets
  • Chart of Accounts Report

What's New:

  • All New Engine & Interface:
    • Over 4 years in the making, Gorilla 5 has been completely re-written from the ground up, allowing us to add some very powerful features and a totally re-designed user experience.
    • Gorilla 5 has a whole new look and feel and overall speed and usability has been improved by leaps and bounds. Gorilla 5 includes time-saving interface features like toolbars, multiple window support, re-sizeable windows and auto-spellchecking.
  • Scheduling:
    • Create and manage breakdown sheets with greater ease and precision than ever before. Gorilla 5’s new scheduling features include support for multiple schedules per project, unlimited breakdown categories each with their own color code and format style for quick identification, support for additional I/E and D/N types, multiple breakdown sheet layout styles for printing, an enhanced Element manager with more information and the ability to store multiple images per Element.
  • Stripboard:
    • One of the most exciting new features of Gorilla 5 is the all new Stripboard with drag & drop action for moving strips, an on-board Boneyard, choice of standard or large size strips, customizable strip colors, auto-insertion of day breaks, unlimited saved versions of the board and overall improved speed and performance. The new Stripboard Toolbar also provides quick and easy access to the most commonly used stripboard actions.
  • Production Calendar & Call Sheets:
    • Presented in monthly calendar format, the production calendar now displays color coded production phases complete with crew & cast call times and notes. Other new features include the ability to create meetings with attendees from the Contacts module and built-in weather and sunrise reference via your favorite weather website.
  • Budgeting:
    • In addition to the standard features of Gorilla Budgeting: Sheet, Account and Detail budget levels, Gorilla 5 includes an all new 4th level to keep track of sub-Detail items. Other new budgeting features include an auto-budget builder, unlimited contractual charges, show/hide columns on detail, block/unblock detail line items, the ability to import globals and fringes from one budget to another and over 50 budget templates to choose from.
  • Contact Management:
    • With Gorilla 5’s streamlined interface and data storage, you can now tag a contact as an actor, crew and/or agent instead of having to enter the same person in multiple places. New Contact management features include support for agents & managers, actor stats, multiple headshots, unlimited representation for actors & crew, day/union rates for actors and crew, ability to setup and email groups of people at a time and storage of multiple addresses, phones and emails per person or company.
  • Locations Management:
    • The Location module has undergone significant improvements including the ability to store and reference multiple location photos that can be re-sized and re-arranged with drag & drop action. Other new features include built-in mapping, a location photo library with over 100 stock photos and an extensive location fact sheet.
  • Storyboard:
    • The Storyboard module allows Directors and DP’s to create camera shot setups using a built-in shot library that contains 56 different camera shots complete with sample storyboard pictures. The interface supports drag & drop to arrange shots, multiple arrangements for each setup and saving multiple setups per scene.
  • Expense Tracking:
    • Track production expenses against budget using Gorilla 5’s expense tracking module then run a budget balance report to see whether or not a production is over or under budget. In Gorilla 5, expenses can also be added and viewed from the Budgeting module.