A powerful program designed to catalog CD information, CD Storage Master Professional boasts a number of handy features for organizing your collection. The welcoming interface is accompanied by a step-by-step wizard that opens at each launch. We found the wizard quite helpful, since it made adding a new entry much easier than doing so via the menus. The program did a good job of reading ID3 tags of even burned CDs and lets you add comments to a disc, helpful if you're searching for a particular item in a huge database. Apart from audio CDs, the program supports DVDs, VCDs, and data CDs. You'll even find a feature for creating CD labels and booklets. All told, we think CD Storage Master Professional is a fine choice for all die-hard music junkies that want to keep a comprehensive list of their collections.

D Storage Master's current version supports the following file format (detailed information in your CDs catalog collection database):

* MP3 Files (with ID3 Tag)
* CD Audio Tracks (Internet CDDB)
* Compressed archive files
* RealMedia files
* Acrobat PDF documents, PhotoShop PSD files
* DVD-Video IFO files
* Flash Movie files