It prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer. Once installed, your computer is immediately protected against hackers, identity thieves, system attacks, and other Internet hazards. While no further setup is required, iolo Personal Firewall allows you to easily configure settings to suit your work style. You can establish security levels, designate certain computers and Web sites as "trusted", block or allow access for specific applications, and more.

Use iolo Personal Firewall to:

* Prevent identify thieves from accessing your private information.
* Protect against malicious software that can destroy your computer.
* Eliminate the downtime, wasted resources, and lost data caused by intrusions and attacks.
* Set up special access rights for those computers, networks, and Web sites that you trust.
* Create tailored policies so that individual applications have specific access rights.
* Make informed decisions, or have the firewall automatically make decisions, based on program attributes.
* View and analyze intrusion attempts and detect security vulnerabilities.

iolo Personal Firewall Highlights and Advantages:

* IntelliDefense® is a proprietary threat-evaluation tool that makes iolo Personal Firewall "smarter": the firewall makes informed decisions and you see fewer messages.
* Controls outgoing communication, not just the incoming threats.
* Eliminates complicated setup for novices with preset security levels, a guided setup wizard, one-click features, and automated decision-making.
* Gives advanced users greater control, allowing for detailed customizations of port settings, program policies, and more.
* Automatically detects and blocks common attacks with no configuration needed.
* Detects unauthorized modifications to programs.
* One-click restoration of default settings allows for troubleshooting and worry-free configuration.
* One-click feature to block all network traffic for instant restrictions.
* Real-time monitoring and historical statistics allow for both quick traffic analysis and more advanced troubleshooting.
* Integrated update feature keeps your PC continually protected from the latest Internet threats.