This includes USB webcams! Also, iChatUSBCam enables video conferencing on G3 computers which fall below Apple's minimum CPU speed requirements.

iChatUSBCam also lets you adjust your camera's brightness, contrast, and more.

Use iChatUSBCam to enable your G3 for DV cameras such as the iSight.


* Use most USB webcams with iChat AV.
* Video Conference on a computer that iChat AV does not support.
* Adjust camera settings like brightness and contrast.
* Use a DV camera on a G3.
* Adjust all iSight settings.
* Video Conference using your screen as a video source.
* Easily switch between multiple video sources.
* Try before you buy! Download the demo.


* iChat AV 2.0 or higher
* QuickTime video source such as a USB webcam with compatible drivers

What's New:

* Fixes an installation issue observed by some Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) users