CoMa X is an answering machine, voice & fax on demand system, send and receive faxes, terminal with internal send & receive z-modem.

Sending and Reciving Fax:

  • CoMa X is a tool that will help you handlefax, modems which support only fax-class 1(e.g. miniVigor, new internal modems, ...)
  • PDF-, PICT- and FaxSTF-files can be load and send
  • Internal editor with text-attributes and placeholders for serial-faxes
  • Text can be mixed with graphic-logos and signatures
  • Pages are displayed exactly as there are send
  • Incoming pages are displayed during fax-reception !!
  • Fax-polling (send poll-request only with class 2.0 and some class 2-modems)
  • Serial fax
  • Network-able Fax-Job-management (Client-Server-operation)
  • Support for the Elsa MicroLink Office & USR 56k (Pro)Message(Plus) modem Self-Mode(read fax and voice & configuration)

Answering machine:

  • for voice-modems with IS-101-, Rockwell-, ZyXEL- and USR-command-set (e.g.. ZyXEL, Zoom, Elsa/TKR, USR, Dr. Neuhaus, Lasat and others)
  • Time-, Weekday-, MSN- and situation-dependend voice-messages
  • Personal voice-message for each caller, when caller-ID is transfered
  • Audio-monitoring while recording with Mac-Soundsystem (except USR-Modems)
  • Time dependent redicrection of incoming calls
  • 4 different situations setable (e.g. normal, lunch, vacation, ...)
  • Remote control / recall of new received faxes
  • Recording of AIFFs via Mac-microphone
  • Automatic convertion of AIFF-Sounds to modem-format (except USR-modems)
  • Converting recorded messages in AIFF

Fax & Voice-On-Demand-System:

  • Unlimited Voice-messages/faxes can be recalled by DTMF-tones
  • Statistic of recalls
  • Voice-messages can be put together from multiple voice-files
  • Fax-transmission via polling request (DTMF-code is not needed - only for class 2.0 modems)
  • Permanent poll-sender possible (caller gets fax pages even without sending a poll-request)
  • Which messages/faxes are send is dependend from time, MSN and situation-setting
  • Connection-typ (fax, voice or fax&voice) could be set individual for each of 10 MSNs


  • Display of the calling-number or name, if number is in list and caller-ID is transfered
  • Display of call units with ISDN-Modems
  • Dialing for analog-telephones
  • Zone- & and time-dependent selection of telephone-company (Least-Cost-Router)
  • Management of incoming fax/messages in a calls-list
  • Calls can be grouped and filtered
  • Numbers-list with addresses, groups and salutations for serial-faxes
  • Terminal with internal z-modem & x-modem for firmware-upload
  • AppleScriptable