EazyDraw is an Illustration or drawing software application that offers vector-based graphics editing for creating simple, non-photographic drawings, technical diagrams, and illustrations such as logos, icons, buttons, and stylized art.

Support for Classic Mac drawing formats including full import of ClarisDraw, MacDrawPro, and MacDrawII files.

What's New:

  • Improved reliability on Leopard and Tiger.
  • Customizable Toolbar improvements, Ability to convert a Blend to component paths, Improved MacDrawPro Import, Improved ClarisDraw Libraries Import, Fixed possible customizing toolbar lock*up.
  • Corrected a possible "unexpectedly quit" that could occur when applying a transfer property (shadow, or gradient for example) from a library. These are the property library elements that are placed in a user library using the small LL icon found on parameter palettes. The unexpectedly quit would happen when applying the property from the library to a graphic in a drawing. All is corrected now, the Library property transfers all work as documented now.
  • Improved the Keynote export. Support for arrows has been added. Corrected possible position errors for lines when exporting just graphics rather than full drawing area, now lines are precisely positioned in all situations.
  • Fixed a problem on Dash panel, the default list of defined named dashes was not provided. Now the menu has 8 named dash patterns properly listed and available for use.
  • Fixed pasting images into MS Word and other older technology applications that prefer the Classic PICT data format. Images often would paste up-side-own. A vertical flip was added, this should correct the issue, if unwanted flips are noted please report the problem.
  • Changed behavior of including an anti-aliasing border when exporting bitmaps. If anti-aliasing is on and you select to just export graphics, or selected graphics, a 2 pixel border is included to allow anti-aliasing of outside edges of the graphics. This is not desirable in some cases such as creating a background image for a web site where the image may be tiled, as an undesired white border will be present on each tiled image. The border is not included if you export "Full Drawing Area" and now it is also eliminated if anti-aliasing is turned off. Previously the border was still included when exporting just graphics without anti-aliasing, this was logically inconsistent.
  • Corrected rare annoyance associated with the pattern and gradient toolbar tools. The problem was that the use of one of these tools could inadvertently change the temporary default for a pattern or gradient, then new graphics would have a gradient or pattern. Then it would be necessary to open the Gradient panel and turn off gradient so that new graphics would draw without the gradient, (or pattern). This was rare but annoying. All is fixed now. The toolbar tools can be used freely without worry of this happening.
  • Corrected problem on EazyDraw Preferences, restore all to Factory would not close the pull down panel. This is fixed now.
  • Corrected problem with the new modified circle graphic, it was possible to set the minor radius larger than the radius on the Graphic Details drawer. This could then prevent the file from opening. This is corrected, and files saved with this error are now senses and corrected so that they are opened properly and the inconsistency is corrected.
  • Corrected possible problem using independent scales for different layers. If the scale panel was not open the grid could draw incorrectly when linked to rulers. All corrected now