EazyDraw is an Illustration or drawing software application that offers vector-based graphics editing for creating simple, non-photographic drawings, technical diagrams, and illustrations such as logos, icons, buttons, and stylized art.

Support for Classic Mac drawing formats including full import of ClarisDraw, MacDrawPro, and MacDrawII files.

What's New:

  • !!Colorful Icons Back!! They are back, but not default: open EazyDraw preferences -> UITheme, choose Color on Icons popup menu. Highlight mode is controlled by your choice of System Accent color (on General tab -> System Preferences). EazyDraw now has three user interface themes with support for the 2010-ish colorful icons. All 3 themes support and adapt to both light and dark mode system appearance. The third choice is the Mojave subdued monochrome look. Go to EazyDraw Preferences, select UI Theme. Near bottom of the panel the Icons popup menu provides 3 selections. Color is the older theme with colorful tool icons. A new theme, the default for Big Sur, is named Highlight. This theme tints the icons using System Preferences setting for Accent Color to highlight a selection and a compliment color as an icon tint.
  • Match New feature to search for graphics that match parameter attributes, such as fill color, or text font family. This is found on the Edit menu, near the bottom. Select a single graphic that has the desired trait, this graphic is the master for the match search. Match then enables. Choose desired traits to match, then execute. The search for matches encompasses all selectable graphics. Check Help pages for full documentation.
  • Universal Binary. The App runs native on Intel or Apple Silicon. This means native optimal performance on Apple M1 CPU. Nothing needs to be performed by the user, macOS will choose the correct binary for your system. No compromises: if your CPU is intel, if your macOS is older than Big Sur, no problem: the Universal Binary has a complete Intel version. Drawings exchange seamlessly, if you have a new M1 CPU and an older Intel system EazyDraw will run optimally on both and drawings will interchange seamlessly.
  • Help Pages. The EazyDraw Help pages which work with macOS Help Book Viewer have undergone a major update. While these pages are updated with each release to remain consistent with the evolution of EazyDraw, the last major update was over 10 years ago: before Retina resolution graphics and P3 colors were a thing. With EazyDraw 10 the illustrations and images have been re-mastered on Big Sur with high dynamic range (brighter P3 colors) and Retina grade (@2x) resolution. The improved appearance benefits tremendously with the amazing new clean crisp Big Sur design.
  • Full support for Big Sur. This version supports macOC 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 and 11.0. Support for universal binary means that EazyDraw is able to optimally support systems back to macOS 10.13. Three user interface themes means that the App will not look out-of-place across all platforms going back 5-6 years.
  • Many other code improvements and re-authored user interface graphics from over 6 months of top to bottom testing and coding optimization for Apple Silicon native support.