Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer 3.4.3

Gravit Designer is a full featured free vector design app right at your fingertip.

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A smart way to design

Enjoy a clean, intuitive interface that adjusts itself exactly the way you expect it. Powerful tools to unleash your creativity.


Unmatched precision in any unit (Pixels, MM, CM, etc.) from creation to exporting.


Powerful pages with masters, real layers and symbols to structure your content.


Made for vector with non-destructive booleans, knife tool and path graphs.


Powerful grids, anchors and auto-layouts made for pixel perfect screen designs.


Multiple fills/borders, effects and blending modes together with shared styles.


Handcrafted powerful text engine with text on path, web fonts, styles and much more.


Export high quality PDFs, SVGs and Images using slices and multiple assets.


Presentations, Sketch and EPS import, design templates, transformations, and more.

What's New:

We are back with the first big release of Gravit Designer after the acquisition by Corel, and it features massive improvements to exporting, mainly for SVG and PDF files. But we also have a bunch of other goodies for you.

Improvements to SVG export:

  • All layers names are exported as IDs now. This can be switched off in the export dialog (“Retain attributes and add IDs”).
  • The class and type of imported SVGs are now retained when exporting as an SVG. Can also be switched off from the same option as above.
  • Added a new option “Preserve editing capabilities for SVG files” in the Export dialog. When switched on, it ensures that SVGs can be properly re-imported into Gravit Designer.
  • Ellipses and circles are now created with the appropriate and tags when exported as an SVG.
  • Showing a warning message when trying to export an SVG with unsupported effects/features.
  • Enhanced the importing of SVGs considerably, including shadows, gradients and borders. This also includes improvements to the exporting capabilities.
  • The extended area caused by certain effects (blur for example) is now considered when exporting.

Improvements to PDF export:

  • Massively improved exporting of PDFs at high resolutions (150 and 300 dpi). The exporting process can now be canceled at any time and in case a file can’t be exported at all (if the dimensions are too large), a message is shown.
  • Drop shadows and inner shadows are now exported with the best possible quality in PDFs.

Optimized duplicate and copy/paste behavior.

  • Replaced clone tool with duplicate ( Ctrl/⌘ + D) and enabled smart duplicate, also for Alt-drag and groups.
  • Improved Paste in Place, in that it pastes content at the top-left of the currently selected element (shortcut ⇧ + Ctrl/⌘ + V).
  • Improved Paste inside Selection, which still clips content to the selected shape, but also pastes it at the top-left corner (new shortcut ⇧ + Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + V).
  • Added a new “Paste” sub menu in Edit in the menu bar.
  • Added a new right-click Paste Here option, that pastes content exactly add the position of the mouse cursor.
  • Added a new right-click Paste Style option, to make it more discoverable. As a reminder, the styling of an element can be copied with Ctrl/⌘ + C.
  • Content pasted onto an infinite canvas is always placed at the center of the viewport.
  • Alt-dragging now also works in the Layers panel.
  • Massive improvements to the workings of compound shapes ( Merge), including shapes with holes, compound operations involving shapes that touch each other at the edges, and compound paths intersecting multiple times in one place. Also optimized speed and performance.
  • Renamed Shading tool to Freehand shaping for more clarity and improved it, especially when holes are involved. Also, drawing a counter-clockwise shape now removes it from the original shape, drawing a clockwise non-intersecting shape adds it. Please see this video: Tip: Be sure that the shape has a border applied for the Freehand shaping tool to work correctly.
  • Improved saving, to prevent loss of progress when saving fails. Also, it’s now ensured that files have finished saving when closing the application.
  • Opening a panel in the Inspector (color picker for example) now dims the background for more visibility. This also simplifies closing panels. Please see
  • The background color can now be set for pages with an infinite canvas.
  • All file formats allow to set the background color now in the Export dialog ( File → Export → Export...)
  • Improved Light and Dark themes with additional icons in the toolbar, to make these functions more discoverable. Furthermore, you can now change between the new left-aligned icons and the former grouped appearance of the icons in the Settings.
  • Brought entire signup/login workflow as well as the user settings to Gravit Designer. No popups or external pages anymore.
  • New elements are now added on the correct position of the hierarchy in the Layers Panel, for example when adding a rectangle shape.
  • Removed all inappropriate graphics from the Libraries, to make them suitable to a wider audience.
  • Improved display of images clipped to text layers.
  • Optimized “pinch to zoom” on Mac trackpads.
  • Paths now also have proper handles to resize and rotate.
  • Improved importing of EPS files with text layers.
  • The Knife tool now also works on compound paths.
  • Renamed Shading tool to Freehand Shaping for more clarity.
  • Renamed Split selection to Ungroup selection for more clarity.
  • EPS files can now be imported from File → Import → Place image...

Notable bug fixes

  • Character spacing isn’t added at the end of text layers anymore.
  • Fixed that slices are smaller when being exported.
  • Vertical and horizontal paths (or lines) can now be rotated and flipped properly.
  • Ensured that SVGs are opened with the correct dimensions.
  • Solved multiple problems with the grid: Switching between grid types doesn’t reset the size anymore; the isometric grid isn’t synced with the normal grid anymore; properly remembering the formerly set grid settings; switching to another document unit doesn’t affect snapping anymore; fixed some rendering artifacts; limited the grid to minimal values.
  • Fixed rounding off anchor points with the right mouse button for shapes converted to a path.
  • Switching between different types of anchor points now works correctly.
  • Pressing Ctrl +/- (to zoom into the canvas) when an input field is focused doesn’t zoom the browser window anymore.
  • Fixed that exporting JPEGs from File → Export → JPEG from an infinite canvas used a wrong background color (black).
  • Switched off “Autoscale Borders” for newly created elements when adopting the styling from another element.
  • Template previews aren’t distorted anymore in the welcome dialog.
  • Fixed that aligning anchor points and undoing changes the appearance of the element.
  • Switching from Auto to Fixed width/height text can be properly undone now.
  • Make Exportable now exports multiple file formats properly.
  • Various bug fixes in Firefox:
    • Wrong display of certain effects.
    • Arrows of drop down menus.
    • Preview images of effects.

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