It also includes several standard plugins, which means it will work right away. It has been ported from the similarly named Linux/Windows version.


- Excellent compatibility (check the list)
- Simple Native Mac OS X Interface
- Dynamic Recompiling CPU core
- Software Rendered Graphics using P.E.Op.S GPU plugin
- Full Sound support using P.E.Op.S SPU plugin
- HID Controller Input support for up to 2 players
- Support for Memory Card saves and usage of CVGS savegames
- Freeze / defrost support
- Partial support for operation without a PSX BIOS image
- Native CD-ROM support
- Open-Source, licensed under the GPL license


- Emulating a PSX is processor intensive and will need a 800MHz CPU or better for many games. However it's not unlikely that some games will play very nicely on slower hardware. You mileage may vary.