NOTE: Please install Silverlight before installing this program.

The new gadget, developed by AOL with frog design using Microsoft Silverlight technology gives AOL users one-click access to email, IM, photos and video, as well as a window into the global mailbox.

* One click access to your "A-List:" Everyone has an "A-List" - the short list of contacts whose emails you read first and whose calls never go unanswered. They are the small group of people you need to stay connected to. The AOL Social Mail Gadget creates a user's "A-List" by automatically scouring their mailbox for the top five people/email addresses interacted with through AOL Mail, and gives the user the option to add or remove someone from their List. Users will always know the online status of their "A-List" and can easily send them an IM or email with a single click. Each time an email is received from one of the "A-List", the message can be immediately accessed from the Vista Sidebar and viewed in full detail through AOL WebSuite Beta. In addition, the Gadget also tracks the global inbox, letting users know when new messages are received.
* One click access to videos and photos: With the new AOL Gadget, users can immediately access photos and videos sent to them by people on their "A-List". They can click on and view the files conveniently through a Silverlight player in the gadget.
* Customized: AOL is offering two standard gadget skins to get users started: surfboards and guitars. Consumers are invited to re-skin the gadget and share their passion using their own artwork and ideas to enjoy a completely personalized experience.