Audio CD Maker 6.0.2

Create audio CD's with MP3 files you have on your computer.


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Want to create audio CD's with MP3 files you have on your computer? Audio CD Makerâ„¢ is an easy and affordable way to create high quality CD's from your MP3 files. Audio CD Makerâ„¢ also allows you to create MP3 format CD's that can be played in any MP3 compatible player like DVD players and portable MP3 players! Now includes built-in printing and ripping features too!

Audio CD Maker Features:

- Create both standard audio & MP3 style CD's
- No need to convert MP3 files before creation of your new CD - Burns MP3 files on the fly
- Add WAV & MP3 files to your CD Layout
- Import WinAmp M3U Playlists for your Audio CD Layout
- Test, test & burn or just burn your new CD
- Search for Audio Tracks on your system and add them easily to your CD Layout
- Smart recognition of system CD recording devices
- Smart recognition of CD recording maximum speed
- Includes built in conversion from WAV to MP3 for MP3 style CD's
- Support for all popular CD recording models
- Support for all sized CD's
- Retrieve inserted CD session and available size information
- Quick and reliable recording
- Burn-Proof Technology to create CD's error free
- Easy to use intuitive user interface