Easily connect to remote Windows PCs

With Remote Desktop Connection Client, you can quickly, simply and securely connect to Windows-based PCs to access Windows-based files, applications, devices, and networks from your Mac.

One Mac, unlimited Windows

New Multiple Session Support gives Mac users simultaneous access to multiple Windows-based PCs or to a network server that hosts remote applications and files. Since it works with Vista and is a Universal application, Remote Desktop Connection Client 2 is compatible with the latest technologies on Windows and Mac platforms.

A more Mac-like experience

A redesigned user interface makes this application more customizable. Create your own keyboard shortcuts; and even access and change preferences during active sessions.

Print everything off your Mac

Access and print from Windows applications to any printer that can be configured from your Intel- or PowerPC-based Macs.

Get fast updates and easy help

Microsoft Error Reporting Tool and Microsoft AutoUpdate are included so you can anonymously submit data on software related issues and get software updates as soon as they are available. Remote Desktop Connection Client 2 also takes advantage of the new Helpviewer and improved help topics for quick access to fresh online product help from within the application.

Reduce security breaches

Network Level Authentication (NLA) is a new authentication method in Windows Vista that offers security enhancements that can help to protect the remote computer from hackers and malicious software. It completes user authentication before you establish a full Remote Desktop Connection. Please see Windows Help for more details on network level authentication.

What's New:

  • Worked around a 0x907 (mismatched certificate) error code that was caused by third-party infrastructure returning an incorrect certificate in redirection scenarios.
  • Fixed the root cause of a 0x207 (handshake failure) error code that was returned when connecting using an incorrect password to a pre-Windows 8 server with NLA enabled.
  • Resolved a 0x1107 (invalid workstation) error code that was returned when Active Directory workstation logon restrictions were set.

Previous release notes:

In this release we fixed an issue that was causing the client to return a 0x907 error code when processing a server authentication certificate that has a validity lifetime of more than 825 days. Also, we've refreshed the application icon and made the following changes:

  • Added HTTP proxy support for RD Gateway connections.
  • Fixed an issue where an RD Gateway connection would disconnect and a message with error code 0x3000064 would appear.
  • Addressed a bug where workspace discovery and download wouldn't work if you included the port number in HTTP GET requests.

This is the last release that will be compatible with macOS version 10.13. If you're interested in trying out the latest pre-release builds of the macOS client, you can install beta updates from the Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta download link to the left.

In this release we've addressed an authentication error that was preventing some users from subscribing to workspaces. We've also updated the client to perform a background refresh of all subscribed workspaces when starting up to ensure that published apps and PC resources are kept current.

Barring any unforeseen developments, this should be the last release that will be compatible with macOS 10.12. If you are interested in trying out the latest pre-release builds of the macOS client, you can install beta updates from https://aka.ms/rdmacbeta.