Handbrake 1.3.1

HandBrake is a GPL'd multi-platform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter.

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HandBrake was originally available on the BeOS, but now has been ported over to MacOS X and to GNU/Linux.


  • Can encode directly from DVDs (even encrypted ones) or from VIDEO_TS folders
  • Supports AC3, LPCM and MPEG audio tracks
  • Outputs MP4, AVI or OGM files
  • Outputs AAC, MP3 or Vorbis audio
  • Supports 2*pass encoding
  • Supports encoding of two audio tracks
  • Includes a bitrate calculator
  • Supports picture deinterlacing, cropping and scaling

What's New:

  • Windows beta updated to 20191223


  • HandBrake is now translated into many more languages
  • Redesigned queue UI
  • Removed Windows Mobile presets. See the list of compatible replacements on GitHub
  • Improved log output by silencing many lines at standard log level
  • Improved quality of Gmail presets slightly
  • Added Playstation 2160p60 4K Surround preset (supports PS4 Pro)
  • Added Discord and Discord Nitro presets


  • Updated Intel Quick Sync Video to use Direct3D 11 API
  • Updated minimum title scan duration to only apply to disc-based sources like Blu-ray and DVD
  • Improved detection of MPEG-1 video in program streams
  • Improved interface to FFmpeg avfilter and color handling
  • Improved Nvidia NVENC constant quality encoding slightly by not setting qmin and qmax
  • Replaced pp7 Deblock filter with FFmpeg Deblock filter
  • Added support for reading Ultra HD Blu-ray discs (without copy protection)
  • Added support for reading AV1 via libdav1d
  • Added encoding to WebM container format
  • Added Chroma Smooth filter (CLI only)
  • Added zero-copy path for Intel QSV encoding removed in a previous release
  • Added support for Intel QSV low power encoding (lowpower=1)
  • Added support for AMD VCE encoding on Linux via Vulkan
  • Added ability to select x265 encoder level and Fast Decode tune


  • Updated audio resampling code to use FFmpeg swresample instead of libsamplerate
  • Added source audio bit rate to tracks list
  • Added ability to select unknown language tracks
  • Added automatic track name pass through


  • Added ability to import external SSA/ASS subtitles
  • Added ability to select unknown language tracks
  • Added automatic track name pass through
  • Command line interface
  • Added additional unit aliases to --start-at and --stop-at, notably seconds and frames

Build system

  • HandBrake now builds with libnuma on Linux
  • Fixed Python bytestrings causing newlines to be ignored in build output
  • Fixed Xcode ignoring make jobs parameter and utilizing all CPU cores (macOS only)
  • Updated configure to enable most hardware encoders by default where appropriate by platform
  • Updated all scripts for compatibility with Python 3
  • Updated mac-toolchain-build script with newer tool versions many improvements
  • Updated mingw-w64-build script with mingw-w64 6.0.0, GCC 9.2, and many improvements
  • Improved compatibility with GCC 9 and recent Clang releases
  • Improved compatibility with recent Xcode releases (macOS only)
  • Improved host/build semantics
  • Improved namespace isolation
  • Improved handling of all options passed to configure
  • Improved configure help output
  • Improved detection of missing executable dependencies during configure
  • Added support for building on NetBSD
  • Added --harden configure parameter to enable buffer overflow protections
  • Added --sandbox configure parameter to enable sandbox build target on macOS
  • Added --enable-gtk4 configure parameter to build with GTK 4 instead of GTK 3
  • Added summary of build options to configure output
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Third-party libraries

  • Removed libraries
    • libsamplerate (audio resampling)
  • Updated libraries
    • AMF 1.4.9 (AMD VCE encoding)
    • bzip2 1.0.8 (general)
    • FDK AAC 2.0.1 (AAC audio encoding, must compile from source)
    • FFmpeg 4.2.1 (decoding and filters)
    • FreeType 2.10.1 (subtitles)
    • Fribidi 1.0.7 (subtitles)
    • HarfBuzz 2.6.4 (subtitles)
    • Jansson 2.12 (JSON architecture)
    • libbluray 1.1.2 (Blu-ray decoding)
    • libdav1d 0.5.1 (AV1 decoding)
    • libdvdnav 6.0.1 (DVD decoding)
    • libdvdread 6.0.2 (DVD decoding)
    • libiconv 1.16 (character encoding support)
    • libmfx (Intel QSV support)
    • libogg 1.3.4 (Xiph codecs support)
    • libopus 1.3.1 (Opus audio encoding)
    • libvorbis 1.3.6 (Vorbis audio encoding)
    • libvpx 1.8.1 (VP8/VP9 video encoding)
    • libxml2 2.9.9 (general)
    • nv-codec-headers (Nvidia NVENC encoding)
    • x265 3.2.1 (H.265/HEVC video encoding)


  • Fixed slider control not showing complete values
  • Updated translations (levels of completeness vary):
    • Czech
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Norwegian
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Thai
  • Added translations (levels of completeness vary):
    • Afrikaans
    • Basque
    • Croatian
    • Dutch
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Romanian
    • Slovak
    • Swedish
    • Turkish
    • Ukrainian
  • Added Intel QSV support to Flatpak (requires additional plugin installation)
  • Added ability to double-click to edit audio track settings
  • Added options to open encode log and log directory to actions menu on queue window
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements


  • HandBrake now requires OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later
  • HandBrake is now sandboxed and uses the macOS hardened runtime
  • Updated priority for low-priority threads on macOS to avoid potential stalls in future macOS
  • Updated translations:
    • German
  • Added translations:
    • French
    • Italian
    • Russian
  • Added preference to disable preview image on summary tab
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements


  • Improved browse dialog recently used to fallback to parent directory
  • Improved preferences layout
  • Improved auto naming collision behavior and file overwriting
  • Added preference to test selected notification sound
  • Added preference to perform when done action immmediately without countdown
  • Added preference to disable preview image on summary tab
  • Added hardware.enabled option to portable.ini
  • Added dark theme for Windows 10
  • Added queue import/export removed in a previous release
  • Added new low battery level and disk space safety measures
    • Encoding jobs automatically pause when battery level is low, system sleep is allowed, and jobs resume when power is restored
    • Encoding jobs automatically pause when disk space drops to critical levels
  • Added translations (levels of completeness vary):
    • French
    • German
    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Turkish
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

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