Use the Kindle app to start reading from your PC.


  • Get the best reading experience available on your PC.
  • No Kindle required
  • Access your Kindle books even if you don't have your Kindle with you
  • Automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices with Whispersync
  • Create new highlights, notes, and bookmarks and manage those created on your Kindle
  • Full screen reading view, color modes, and brightness controls offer an immersive reading experience

Shop for Books in the Kindle Store

  • Search and browse more than 540,000 books, including 96 of 112 New York Times Best Sellers. If you are a non* U.S. customer, book availability may vary
  • Find New York Times Best Sellers and new releases from $9.99
  • Get free book samples * read the first chapter for free before you decide to buy
  • Books you purchase can also be read on a Kindle
  • Kindle newspapers, magazines, and blogs are not currently available for Kindle

What's New

  • New Grid and List Views: We've refreshed your Library views and added more details into List view. You can now see cover art, more of your book title, and updated reading progress.
  • Filter and Sort menus: Filter and sort menus provide more control. In the sort menu, you can now sort by publication date as well as toggle each sort field between ascending and descending. You will also find view modes here to access your Collections.
  • Scroll Bar Navigation: With a new scroll bar in Library, you can drag to scan, tap anywhere to jump around, or hold for a continuous scroll.
  • Collections View: You can now see all the cloud collections in your library and add them to favorites to show in Grid and List views. Change the view settings under advanced options for Home and Library in the settings menu.
  • Discover books card: Find your next read by filtering books by genre and category using the Discover Books card.
  • Recently Read Books Access: On Home you can now access up to 20 of your recently read books.
  • Very Low Battery Screen: The UI image to indicate when the Kindle battery is very low has been updated to improve messaging clarity.
  • Performance improvements, bug fixes, and other general enhancements.